Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Well and Piano Recital!

Ariel's Piano Recital 2012, originally uploaded by AnitaRex.

Hello I hope your having a terrific day!  Up above is Ariel at her piano recital last night!  She is playing I am a Little Tea Pot and did so well!  It was a very hot day yesterday and the church didn't have air conditioning so playing that well in the heat is impressive!  I am so proud of her!  Her piano teacher was so happy with her, and said she is impressed by how hard of a worker Ariel is!  As I've mentioned before Ariel's teacher also said she is a hard worker, it's awesome to hear that from 2 teachers!  :>

Today I have a card to share that I made for the neighbor.  I heard that she was in the hospital and she is a mom to a young little boy too.  I wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her!  I used some W plus 9 studio stamps, Hope Seed Co not only because I wanted to play with this new set but because it's the only set I have with a Get Well Sentiment!  :>

This card has been picked up for publication!

Well Gallery Idol voting for the top 15 has ended today and tomorrow I find out if I made the Top 15 or not.  I am nervous and jittery about it but I am also the mom to two busy kids and well that helps!  :>  I feel that I did my best and that's all you can really do right?  

Oh I have a few cute stories of the kids to share:

Yesterday Carter and I were baking sitting in the grass and he get's all excited and says "Mommy I saw a bunny over there!"  He did?  How did I miss it?  Than he says "His name is John!"  What a name for a bunny right?  He said it so matter of fact too!

Before bed I always find Ariel telling me all sorts of stuff, like "Tomorrow morning Ella and I are going to race! People cheer for you!"  Me- "Oh really who?"  Ariel- "Oh you know and lists off a few girls names and Reid and Jacob"  Than we ask her who is the 5 kids you said you want in your class next year? (the school asks each kid this)  Ariel "Katya, Ella, Paige and Reid and Jacob"  Both boys have said they want to marry her!  :>  I don't think she has decided yet!

And one last one, on Friday was soccer pictures and I was wetting Carter's hair and was going to add some gel.  Me- I am going to make your hair curly!  Carter trying to run away- No I want to be Carter!  He gets away and starts drying in on a towel!  LOL  :>And here's his photo, he looks so cute!

And that's it for me! See you soon!


jennfontaine said...

Ariel looks so sweet! She is concentrating so well and the bow at the end is too cute! That's wonderful that she is a hard worker- what a great trait to have!

The card is so beautiful! I love the colours, the brown is so grounding! You did a great job painting the flowers and colouring the lace- so pretty!

I hope to see that you are in the top 15 tomorrow morning!

The kid stories are so cute! You are creating such great memories- that's so great that Carter wants to be himself!

Wida said...

Oh my, I adore this, it's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous video Anita! Your card is beautiful too :)

Jinny Newlin said...

So sweet! LOVE all your darling stories, and Ariel did such a fab job! Go, Ariel!

Plus, your card is beautiful; and I'm sure, will be truly treasured! Oh! And that color palette is divine!

Greta said...

Love the flowers with the frame. Not colors I use much either, but this is eye-catching!

Cindy C. said...

Your childred are so adoable! Beautiful card BTW!

Geri said...

Cute pics! Congrats on making it thru to round 2!
As a fellow Manitoban (Geri from Dauphin), you can count on my vote! Best of luck. I look forward to seeing your creations :)

~Tammy~ said...

Absolutely adorable pics and wonderful recital by Aerial!

Your card is fabulous!

Big Congrats on round 2!!! Yay!!!! Looking forward to what crafty goodness you have for everyone!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

So proud of Ariel - what a sweet recital and she had such stage presence (great bow)! Love your card for your neighbor and the sweet photo of Carter!

Maureen Morton said...

You are such an amazing Mom - so supportive and fun! Ariel and Carter are lucky kids. Love the yummy colors on this card and the sweet thoughts behind it.


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