Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 365 Week 4

Hello!  I am here with this week's 365 my post!  I am very much enjoying doing this but sad that this week I wasn't the best to take pictures!  Opps!  So it's going to be more of a wordy post!

On Monday the weather was nice and while Carter napped Ariel enjoyed playing outside with the neighbor girls!  They ride there bikes, play, ride scooters.  Ariel also changed 3 times during this time and the neighbor mom's saw first hand Ariel's love for dressing and changing many times during the day! 

Monday night Chad and I went to a special parenting seminar with Dr Kevin Leman, a New York times bestseller author!  It was great.  I very much enjoyed learning more about being a good parent and learning about birth order!  Since I my kids are two different genders they are both technically the first child, now isn't that interesting??  I am planning on picking up the birth order book.  An interesting example was that astronauts are almost always the first or the only child!

Tuesday while Ariel was in school Carter and I walked to the park and played there all morning.  I sped walked and was tired all day afterward!  Wednesday we went to Stay and Play as we do every week! At stay and play Carter ripped Ariel's picture that she had colored and she was quite upset.  Later a mom told me what she said to her friend a bit afterward "That's okay that Carter ripped my picture.  I need to teach him not to!"  How sweet is that?  Wednesday afternoon Ariel played outside once again!

Thursday Ariel had school and I had training as I am working the upcoming election.  Chad was busy with work so grandma watched Carter.  She wanted to go to Ariel's school for chapel (different grades do a little service for the elementary school every week!) as my niece was playing piano.  I was a bit nervous how Carter would do I pictured him trying to join the kids on stage but he was an angel!  He sat in my MIL's lap the entire time!  She than took him on errands where he behaved so well!  It was so nice to come home and hear praises on his behavior! 

Friday Ariel had school and Carter and I enjoyed the day at home!  That night I worked and am proud to say I went home with no purchases!  Just a list! 

Friday night it snowed and I got to enjoy a fun drive home!  

Saturday Ariel and I went to visit my friend Elaine.  I will cover this in my next post.  Saturday afternoon Ariel played outside again with the kids, she got super wet in the melting snow!  Thankfully the snow was pretty much all gone by that night!

Sunday we went to church and afterward I took Ariel to her swimming lesson.  Afterward she swam for a while in the kiddie pool as her friend Celeste's dad was in the pool too with the kids.  My friend Kate and I enjoyed sitting on the sidelines watching! And here is my one photo for the week.  I was lounging on the couch after nap time when I could hear Carter giggling in the bathroom, he discovered foam soap:

 I laughed sooooo hard.  He had foam everywhere, he came out of the bathroom so excited and proud of himself!  This is the best picture I could get as I chased him!  :>

Sunday night ended with us going for dinner at my parents.  And than my parents watched the kids while Chad and I went on a date!  We went to see Arthur.  It was okay, not as great as we thought and not that bad either.  And there you have it my week.  Not a bad one but not that busy either!

I will be back in a bit with a card set, I am going to try to create while I still have some steam!



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