Monday, April 11, 2011

Project 365 My way Week 3!

I am a bit late with m y 365 this week but last night I was exhausted, she here it is!

Monday and Tuesday we hung out at home. Monday Chad was busy all day with work and the kids and I enjoyed spending time relaxing at home, and making cookies!  Tuesday while Ariel was having fun at school Carter and I went on a power walk all over our neighborhood!  I enjoy being able to do that when Ariel is in school as Carter sits nicely in the stroller and I can walk fast!  Tuesday evening Chad and I enjoyed a date seeing a movie,  Limitless.  I enjoyed it but it was stressful!  At least it had a good ending! 

Tuesday evening before bed I wrote Ariel a bunch of post it notes, Ariel I love You, love Mommy and posted them all over the house for her to find the next morning.  I added some other words that I knew she knows how to read.  She loved it!

On Wednesday the kids and I went to Stay and Play.  They had a blast as they always do!  I took more pictures:

After stay and play we went to my parents to have lunch with my mom!  :>  We came home around nap time and Carter went for a nap while Ariel went outside and played with 3 little girls on the street who are all in kindergarten too!  :>

Thursday we stayed home and one of Ariel's classmates came over for the day and played!  They played together so well all day!  That night Ariel had her ballet/tap/jazz class at the end they did a little tap number for us so I caught some cute pics:

Friday Ariel had school and I watched my friend's youngest child, he is 3 just a couple of months older than Carter.  I've watched him before but not for a while.  Carter and him had a blast together.  They played so well together talking and giggling all day, this is the first time they have really interacted this way!  It's so fun to watch your little toddler grow up and start to develop more and more social skills.  :>  I took some photos you can really see the interaction:

On Saturday Ariel went to her friend Celeste's 5th Birthday Princess Party, they have been playing together since babies!  Here she is ready to go, for some reason she has fallen in love with this scarf:

Celeste's dad drove all over the city picking up each princess, when he came for Ariel he bent over and with his hand made a gesture and said "Your chariot awaits!" Don't these girls look excited???

On Sunday Ariel and I had the busiest day ever.  It started with church in the morning where Dr Kevin Leman was a guest speaker (if you don't know who that is he is an amazing parenting and Christian author!)  Than we went home for lunch.  And than Ariel and I went to her swimming lessons.  When we left Carter was so upset and while I drove out of the garage I could see him standing holding the door open and crying I want to come!  :<  Ariel is taking private swimming lessons, I've only heard good things and how much better it is so we decided to go with that (only a bit more expensive)   Her teacher told me that Ariel would be in a class by herself so I asked my friend if they were interested for there daughter Celeste and they were!  It's so great for them to be taking it together.

We were running late to swimming as we got caught by 3 trains at the same tracks!  Right before we get there in the car Ariel asks tells me that she lost her chicky! Oh no!  I kindly told her that we didn't have time to look but after when we are done we will look and find her.  Thankfully she was okay with that.  On the walk/run towards swimming I look at Ariel and she has her jacket half unzipped and there on her chest is her chicky!  So sweet I laughed and told her! :>  I wanted to share this so I remember!  :>

After we went to a friend's daughter's Princess Pink Tea Birthday Party! (A friend who was part of our mom's group back in the day before we all had too many kids to get together in our homes, now we go to Stay and Play!)  It's so nice to go to a birthday party with just girls, so quiet!  :>  Here are so cute pictures:

And after that I had to go shopping where I work as there was a special employee discount and it was ending that day and I couldn't go sooner!  I asked Ariel if I could please take her home first but she refused as she wanted to pick out a lip gloss, it was all together too much for her!  That evening was nice relaxing evening as we were exhausted and Chad made dinner!  After the kids were in bed I enjoyed lounging on the couch and watching a whole lotta tv as I was pooped!  :>

So I realize I didn't make it into any pictures this week.  YOI!  I so gotta work on that!  :>


Jinny Newlin said...

How do you possibly keep up, girl?! Oh, my gracious! What precious pics, though. And such a great way to remember it all ;)! Hugs!

Nat said...

oh Anita, you have a beautiful family, love seeing these photos! :)

Tiffany Ervin said...

That's so neat that you are keeping up with this project, ala your own style! Love it! And look at all the charming little princesses, so pretty!

ivy said...

fun pics! all the girls look so cute!
swim lessons can be extremely pricey! we started out having brandon in private lessons then after 12 lessons, we stuck him in semi-private and pray he doesn't have a partner at the same time slot! LOL

Dawn T said...

Anita... I really don't know how you manage to craft in amongst all that!!! Wonder Woman ~ that's you! I can't get over how like you Ariel is getting... just so pretty. Thanks for sharing.


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