Thursday, June 9, 2011

To a Dad who can Fix Anything! And Fun at the Farm!

Hello!  Happy Thursday!  Hope you've had a great day!  We sure did!  Today Ariel's class visited the Farm!  I went along for the fun!  Love being able to go on school field trips!  So fun to get to know some other moms and see Ariel's class dynamics!  And be there with Ariel at the farm!  I am sure you can imagine how exhausted I was when I got home!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of my cards was featured in the Social Club on the Hero Arts blog today, you can see it here.   Way to make a great day even better!

By the way I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful encouraging comments on potty training Carter!  It's going pretty good!  I am trying to be really relaxed about it since I know it takes time.  Not worth getting frustrated about! :>

Today I have another Father's Day card to share.  This is from an Hero Arts set that I got 2 years ago already.  It remains my favorite Father's Day set!  I love the sentiment!  I wanted to stamp the tools in  repeat design in the background but dreaded coloring it in!  Than I remembered this month's challenge on the Hero Arts blog is watercoloring so I gave it a go!  I stamped them all with staz on and than inked my acrylic block with various distress inks and spritzed water and than colored them in with a tiny paint brush!  I did it during the day when my kids were around so it's not perfect but I like it!

And your not surprised to see that I added a washer that I stamped with the envelope background, like I showed in a video I did for Hero Arts in April are you?  I wonder if my dad would remember that I gave him a different card with these stamps 2 years ago?  He may he has it on display still!  He must really like it!  It suits my dad perfectly!  He can fix anything, and I ask him often to!

So you know I took my camera with me today and got some cute photos!  I decided to leave Carter at home.  Chad was able to stay and work from home and I wasn't sure what this farm would be like.  I imagined him being in with the animals and causing a rukus.  Yesterday we went to a birthday party and he somehow figured out how to get drenched from head to toe, I was nervous what he would get into at a farm!  Plus it was Ariel's field trip when Carter goes to school he will get just me so she should be able to too.  Here are some favorites:

Can you see the tear on Ariel's cheek?  She did not want to ride in the wagon!  It was a small tractor pulling a bunch of these little carts!  But thankfully she got over it because it was so fun!  They went on a long ride and stopped and saw some chickens!( I couldn't go on not enough room for the adults!)

Ariel and me at lunch time.  Lunch was interesting.  They had a fire pit where us parents cooked the hotdogs over the open flames!  We also had bannock which is a native American bread, they wrapped it over sticks which they cooked over the flames too!  I missed a photo since I was cooking stuff!  Here is Ariel and some of her friends sitting on random wood eating:

After they went in a teeppe:

After lunch we saw more animals, but first a fun maze where we saw a birds nest in a fence!  Excuse the blurry photo:

Ariel loves chicks.  She asked me all day when she was going to see the chicks!  She couldn't wait!  I had to ask for her to hold the chick since they weren't really letting all the kids hold them!  Tonight as I put her to bed she asked me to print this picture of her holding the chick!  So cute!

All the preschool and kindergarten classes just before we left!  What a fabulous day!


Karen B. said...

Fun card, perfect for a guy. I marvel at how effortlessly you combine crafty things with your home life, I'd like to do that soon so I can start documenting my memories more!

Tiffany Ervin said...

What a hoot! Love the farm pics, I really love that tent, so cool! Love all of your wonderful coloring on the tools, perfect daddy's day card!

Dawn T said...

Great Fathers Day card Anita... and loved the photos of the trip. It is wonderful that you get to go with the class on these. I always tried to do the same with my children. Thanks for sharing

Barb said...

Oh, I remember loving these field trips when my boys were little! Love all the sweet photos! Your card is so fun too, Anita! Great post today! :)

Angi Barrs said...

Super fun card for Dad. My own Dad would love this. He's always fixing things. :) Love the field trip pics too. And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

Christiana said...

I love that stamp set! I've never seen it before. You did such a great job with this card, Anita. Your dad will be so proud.

Ariel looks like such a sweetie! I wouldn't mind holding one of those fluffy chickies myself!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Just a great Fathers Day card !!! So cute at alla... and loved all the photos of the trip.!!!
This is my first time in here..and I love evrything.I´m follower now.
I wish a wonderful week.
Kisses and huges from Brazil

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, wow, wow, I love the background you created and you must let me know what that stamp set is 'cause I want it! How cute are these photos of Ariel on her trip? I totally squealed at the photo of her holding that big bunny! :D

Alice said...

fabulous Dad's Day card! love love that background and the washer is such a wonderful touch! love all the adorable farm photos, too! thanks for sharing, Anita!


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