Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shades of Blue!

Happy Saturday!  We've had quite the day!  Today was Chad's year end baseball tournament!  We had to be there early 8:30 am across the city with his first game at 9!  The kids had a blast playing with the other kids at the game and Chad's team won both games and were the winners of the Trophy! It's a big rivalry between our two church teams, it always seems to be between them at the end!  Chad's team lost to them last year so we are truly happy that they won this year!

Today I have a card to share that I made for the neighbor a bit ago.  She had shared to me that they had to put down there dog Digger and I wanted to let them know that I was thinking of them.  :>

The dog is from a stamp set by My Time Made Easy that I won with my Stamping Royalty package.  The paper is from my favorite line My Mind's Eye's Indie Chic Nutmeg!  :>

I also have a wreath to share with you today!  This was an order, I love how the stripes turned out!  The yarn comes that way!  I don't think I have the patience nor skills to figure it out myself! :>  

Quite the shades of blue post, eh?

Lately I've been working on wreaths.  I just feel like making them right now and figure I should go with it.  Thinking of doing craft sales and such come Christmas season.  :>  

Well on Thursday night I went to the grocery store with the kids (Chad was at baseball) to get some juice and medicine since Carter's fever was so high and he wasn't drinking water.  I don't keep juice in the house since I don't like to give it the kids (bad for teeth and full of sugar) so I knew if I offered it to him he would drink it happily (when there sick this mommy gives in)  All was fine and while paying out of nowhere Carter threw up all over the floor!  Well strike that off the Mommy's embarrassed list!  I felt so bad I didn't see it coming at all!  The checkstand lady was very nice about it!  The good part was that Carter said that he felt lots better and that was the end of it!  By morning he was pretty much himself!  :>

Well that's it for me!  The kids are exhausted so we are all enjoying some relaxing time on the couch!


Ashley Newell said...

Super sweet card! I really like the lace and ribbon. The wreath is gorgeous!

Dawn T said...

what a thoughtful card Anita. You are so kind. Your wreath is wonderful. Now is the time to start building up you Christmas stock so you won't have to disappoint anyone! Hope Carter is feeling better too

Katie said...

Been there, done that. Also, when my now 32 yr son was young from about 3 to 6 or 7 years old he would have a migraine frequently--of course ending with vomiting. I was a working mom, and he was at a different babysitter that had not dealt with his headache before, so she called the regular sitter, the first thing she told her was get a bucket. She then called me and asked me what she should do and I told her exactly the same thing--sure enough, before we even got off the phone---he threw up. And one other time we were hurrying home--almost made it---but he ended up throwing up--DOWN my back.
Poor guy, it is no fun to be sick. Your sweetheart of a little girl is so super thoughtful--with her making the lunch, etc. I hope whatever bug it was is now GONE.
Your card above is super sweet.

Lalo said...

It's a blue post in a good way!!! LOVELY!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a gorgeous card! I love those colours and the wreath is stunning!

jennfontaine said...

I love that wreath! It is sooooo gorgeous! How cool that the yarn came that way- it looks amazing!

What a sweet card, that's so nice that you thought about your neighbor:)


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