Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Wreath!

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  It's been a great day!  The weather here has been amazing, only a short oh so cold spell but other than that it's been a fabulous winter!  I think most of North America has been quite lucky!

Today I have a new wreath to share with you. I love it!  I had seen it on a few crafty blogs and had to make it!  I was delighted that Chad found me a heart wreath!  I wrote about it on facebook and a friend said she was interested in it so I made it for her!  :>  

I followed the tutorial from the Idea Room here.  I won't lie to you, it took a long time to make.  I worked on it each evening for a bit and had to keep sending Chad back to Michaels to buy more felt.  I handcut more than 260  3 inch circles and pinned them on the wreath.  I was a bit apprehensive about just pinning it with a stick pin but when I tried it was very sturdy and I knew it would stay put.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this! 

I want to share a tip with you. I often use circles when I make flowers out of felt, lots start out as a circle!  Rather than using a paper circle as a guide or tracing circles on the felt I ink up a cup, or a vitamin lid and stamp it on the felt so much faster.  You can see it here:

It saves so much time and it's easier to cut a nice circle.  And the white ink wipes off easily!  

Oh and I have the sweetest photo to share with you:

This is a familiar site around here.  My two love each other so much!  Carter wakes up first in the morning and used to come to our bed and cuddle us but has moved on.  He now wakes Ariel up each morning with "Ariel I want to cuddle you!"  And she is more than willing!  I often find them cuddling together in either his or her bed!  It is the sweetest but the only problem is that he wakes up earlier than her when she would like to sleep about half an hour or so more.  On Saturday Chad caught him going to her at 6 am!  He put him back in his bed and they both slept for 2 hours more.  We are trying to convince Carter to come to us but that hasn't worked and I have been trying to convince him to go back to sleep when he wakes up and wait for Ariel to wake him up!  By the way like Carter's pj's?  He spotted the material at fabricland when my mom and me were there buying the fabric for Ariel's birthday skirts and she bought it and made those pjs for him!

Hope you have a great crafty day!  Thanks for visiting today!


jennfontaine said...

I absolutely LOVE this wreath! It turned out so beautiful! I didn't know that you hand cut the circles~I pictured you running the felt through a die cut machine!
Your kids are just so sweet:)

Lisa said...

Anita, this is sensational!! What an amazing wreath! I will definitely have to have a go at one of these!!

Virginia L. said...

Wow! The wreath is so gorgeous! Whoever buys is gets all the money worth! Love your sweet photo of your little darlings! You lust have done something fabulous as a parent to foster that love between the children! So glad to see that they LOVE each other! xoxo

Brenda said...

That wreath is simply amazing Anita! A lot of work for sure! What a really precious photo! Siblings are really special!

Anonymous said...

This wreath is absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job on this Anita! And such a cute photo :)

Maureen Morton said...

What an amazing wreath! So much love went into this work of art! And, you are one special Mommy to foster such sweet love between your adorable kids - this is also very special! Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany Ervin said...

This is so marvelous looking! Wow!! And look how striking it is against the white door! What a beautiful home decor project!

Jinny Newlin said...

That wreath is beautiful! I made one a couple of years back and realized that I still haven't pulled it out to celebrate Valentine's Day yet! Off to do so ASAP! Thanks! And that pic of your cuties is darling! LOVE that they love one another so much!

stampingandstitching said...

Wow what a gorgeous wreath, Anita! I just had to pin it - hope that's okay. Ariel and Carter are so sweet - great photo of them!


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