Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Ariel!

I wrote this post yesterday and completely forgot to share it, I still want to:

Today is my daughter Ariel's 6th Birthday!  Today as we celebrate her I can't help but think of the impact she has had on my life!  I remember when she was born and Chad said it's a girl!  Oh the pure joy that I felt!  The whole pregnancy I and mostly everyone else thought she was a boy!  We never found out her gender and I really carried like what most people thought was a boy!  I was so surprised that she was a girl!  But I was also beyond happy that she was a girl!  As soon as I saw her I fell in love with her!  She was beautiful and I saw myself in her, but that didn't last long since later when you compared her newborn photo with Chad's newborn photo she was completely him!  We had her name all picked out before Ariel Brooke and she fit it perfectly!  She was a big baby at 8 pounds 14 ounces but more to love!  Chad and I were smitten with her (well we still are) and took so much joy in having a baby.  She was such a cuddly baby! I always knew I wanted to be a mother and I was so happy that I finally was!  (What was I thinking finally I was only 25!) 

Ariel has been such a joy and blessing in our life.  As a small baby she was a colicky baby and I remember being up many long nights trying to get her to stop crying.  She grew into such a happy baby.  She was easy to nurse and to feed to this day usually eats whatever is placed in front of her. I remember when she was two and begging me for my veggies and dip! She was a curious toddler.  She got into many things like the toilet, vaseline (many times that I finally removed all vaseline from our house!)  cornstarch, peanut butter up to her elbows and all over (that's how I figured out she wasn't allergic at 15 months!)  And anything else she could!  We found it so amusing and cute!  She was delightful and everyone loved her and commented on her beauty!  As she has grown into a little girl she amazed us with her talking and personality!  She was so happy when we told her she was going to become a sister.  She loved the baby in my belly and later her new baby brother!  She has been an amazing sister always loving on him and playing with him.  Many comment on how there children don't play together like they do!  As she has started school she has been a bit shy at school but loves it!  Ariel loves to learn and is easily taught!  And she is so crafty loving to color, play with papers and glue and all things crafty!  Ariel is a good friend and enjoys spending time with them!  She is described by everyone as a sweetheart and a pleasure to be around.  I love her so much and am so blessed that God gave me her!  I love spending my days being her mom and look forward to what the years bring!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Ariel!  I love you forever!  Thank you for being you!

Here are a few special photos:

3 weeks old:

Our first Christmas as a family:

The cutest baby:

So happy to have a baby brother:

New Years when she was three:

You can see her getting bigger here:


I look forward to seeing how she grows up, just not too fast!  I will be back tomorrow with a post all about her birthday party!


Barb said...

Big Happy Birthday wishes to Ariel! She is so adorable, Anita! Can't wait to see the party photos! :)

Nona said...

A very happy 6th birthday to your adorable daughter, Ariel! I love all her pictures--she is such a cutie patootie! You have a beautiful family, Anita. They grow up so fast, don't they? I keep teasing my nieces and nephews to stop growing up so fast. The older ones just laugh at me haha.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Brenda said...

Happy 6th birthday sweet girl! I love all these photos! Thank you so much for sharing your feelings as a mother! I totally understand what you say, my feelings for my soon to be 6 year old run very, vey deep!

Tiffany Ervin said...

I always love to see the progression of children as they grow, so precious! She's just TOO cute for words! Love her floral dress in the last photo!

Isha Gupta said...

Lovely post Anita. Congrats to the proud parents of 6 yr. old and Happy B'day Ariel.

CanadianScraps43 said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie. Live life like a dance and dance like there is no body watching. Big Hugs.

Dawn T said...

Gorgeous post Anita. She is a sweetie ~

Trinh said...

Happy birthday, Ariel! Your post is so sweet and I love all the photos of your baby girl.

Jinny Newlin said...

Happy birthday, Ariel!


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