Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Dressed Up!

Hello Happy Tuesday!  Today I have been a good girl and working on my assignment!  I have no visited my craft table I am staying focused!  I want to get it done and over with!  I have a huge to do list and most of it's crafty but I am loving it!  I wannted to drop in and share some photos of the kids from yesterday and other things!

Also don't forget that today is the last day to enter my thank you giveaway click here.  I'll draw sometime tomorrow for it so until I do you can enter!

I also wanted to share with you that I started a facebook page for my papercrafts.  I know I am not the first to do this but it's an easier way for my friends and you to keep up with my work!  I am doing a giveaway there too for the Hero Arts Snowflake Stamp Set so if your on facebook search Anita Rex Design's and it should pop up.  I am not computer savy enough to know how to link it up here.

Yesterday was Halloween I am sure most of you know we do not celebrate it.  Both hubby and I grew up not although both our parents provided us with lots of candy and a fun night anyways!  I don't have a problem with kids trick or treating it's just the roots of Halloween that we don't like.  We've avoided trick or treating with our kids up till now and hope to continue.  Even my daughter's school doesn't celebrate, they have a School Spirit Day instead!  So last night we went to a local church for there Rock o Rama night!  Kids dress up play games and get a lot of candy.  Carter dressed up as a cowboy and boy was he ever cute!  He kept swinging his hat around shouting Yeeehaw!  I was smart and Ariel dressed up as a Fairy wearing her dance recital costume (in my defense she should get another use from it, it cost almost $100!!)

Aren't they sooo cute?  It's so fun to dress up your kids! I think it's time to start a dress up bin for Carter too as he is soo cute all dressed up!  :>  And I know what your going to say, they look so grown up!  I know how did it happen?

Well that's it for me!  I am sitting on some very exciting news and I can't wait to share.  Hopefully soon!!!!


Trinh said...

Hi Anita! Your kids are adorable and I have to say your daughter is a miniature of you. Elisia dressed up as Mary Poppins and had fun walking around our neighborhood for about an hour.

Virginia L. said...

I totally agree with Trinh!! Ariel is the mini YOU! Darling photos, Anita!

Dawn T said...

your children are adorable Anita. Their costumes are wonderful

Barb said...

Oh, I'll bet they had such fun! They both look so cute, Anita!

Good Timing said...

They look so adorable all dressed up! Love their costumes! The church party sounds fun! Interested to hear the good news! :)

Tiffany Ervin said...

Oh my gosh, your children as so beautiful! What a fun Halloween! And as I look real close at Ariel, she looks just like you! I mean, the face is exactly mirror image, so amazing!

Nona said...

How cuuutte!!! Your children look so adorable in their costumes. They must've had a lot of fun :)


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