Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365 Week 5!

Well here I am at my weekly post and I couldn't remember what week I was at, luckily the other weeks came up in the title so I realized I am on week 5!  I didn't take too many pictures this week.  It was a great week the weather was really nice so the kids and I spent a lot of time outside walking and the park!  On Wednesday we went to stay and play and afterward a classmate of Ariel's came over for the afternoon.  They had a lot of fun together here they are paining (how do you say no to painting when 2 little girls ask?)

As I mentioned before on Thursday I went out with some girl friends to see Water for Elephants.  Friday we spent at home and while Ariel was at school Carter and I went on a power walk.  I really like my power walks as I get such a good nap when Carter naps!  :>  It was so hot on Friday the hottest day yet!  A bunch of the neighbors all rented a power rake so Chad went in on that and raked out yard! 

Saturday we woke to rain! It rained all day and I actually worked an afternoon shift, where it was a gong show!  Everyone was shopping and everything that went wrong at work did!  LOL  When I came home Ariel was very excited to tell me that there were ducks in our yard, I thought sure geese they are often there but nope she said they have a green head!

There isn't a lake behind us and we haven't had ducks in a while so we really enjoyed watching them!  Ariel also pleasantly surprised me as she had decided to clean up her room all by herself!  When Carter was napping Chad said she went in there and cleaned it all up!  You can imagine how happy I was!  On Sunday we woke up to this:

That is the view from my door!!!  Hello 1st day of May!  Hello SNOW???  What in the world?  And it's so cold, minus 5 and windy and it snowed all day!  At least when we had a freak snowstorm here in April it was all melted by the end of the day!  I had to take Ariel to swimming lessons and children's choir practice today and we were so cold and it wasn't the best driving either!  I am hoping that the forecast for much warmer weather this week is true so this is all gone.  If it melts and my grass is way greener it may be okay!  It's funny as Thursday was like a spring day, Friday was a summer day with the hot sun, Saturday was like a fall day with the cooler temps and rain all day and today Sunday it's winter again!  Oh weather in Winnipeg!

Well that's it for this week!  Not much!  I'll be better this week! 


Dawn T said...

oh dear Anita.... by now you would be expecting reasonable weather... not snow. Hope it gets warmer soon for you. Take care and thanks for sharing your week.

Jinny Newlin said...

Holy smokes! Snow?! I'm so sorry! TFS, though! Great pics!


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