Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CAS Blast Off and Project 365 Week 8!

Hello!  Today I have a fun CAS card that I made using the Blast Off set from Market Street Stamps.  I had this idea the other day and so enjoyed stamping it! 

After taking this photo I had some fun idea's of other ways to take the photo of such a boy card:

Hmmmm this card reminds me how much I love CAS.  I've never been a huge person on using white when I do CAS but I may be now!  I stamped the bottom row of stars first using a scratch piece of paper along the bottom to be my line.  Than I used those stars to stamp the next.  It wasn't perfect and as I did it I considered restarting BUT I decided not to be so anal, I am not entering it into anything and it is for a kid!

Last week it was amazing weather here!  From Monday through Friday it was HOT like summer!  Monday and Tuesday night after supper we walked to park and enjoyed the weather and playing in the park!  Wednesday we went to stay and play than lunch at McD's with friends, park on the way home.  Than a nap for Carter and we drove to a big park nearby.  Chad was working all day and evening that day so it was me and the kids.  First we stopped in on the duck pond.  Ariel loves all the ducks and Carter usually does too but maybe it was because there were so many near him but he kept pointing behind him and telling me to go there!  I took a bunch of photos:

Wouldn't the close up one of Ariel on the swing be so great to scrapbook???  :> 

On Thursday it was Ariel's classes first time doing chapel at school!  Every Thursday there school has chapel.  It was so sweet the see the kids leading in praise and worship, saying bible verses, reciting poems.  They did it with one of the grade 1 classes and that class did a bunch of stuff too, including a skit!  And older grade 6 boys do the sound!  Running the microphones and the sound board, so cool!  Here is some photos of Ariel:

Friday night we all went to Chad's baseball game!  I totally forgot my camera at home!  Carter had such a blast sitting in the dug out with all the men!  I brought along his lawnmower and he ran all over the place with it!  The park the game was in is actually a dog park so Ariel loved seeing all the dogs.  We had a bit of a panic attack when we couldn't find Ariel and another little girl. They had both asked us if they could go for a walk with a teammates wife and her dogs and we said yes but they were gone for so long and we couldn't see them!  We worried they wandered off, we didn't think the walk would be that far!  I knew that they were with adults but the other mom thought that they were with some younger girls.  It was a big misunderstanding but thankfully it all worked out!  Other than that it was a really good night.

Saturday it rained all day so Ariel and I went shopping at a mall across the city.  My mom works as a taylor in one of the dept stores there so Ariel enjoyed hanging out in the Alteration shop with her and my mom enjoyed showing Ariel off to all her coworkers!  :>  It's funny how much I hear from "strangers" that Ariel looks just like me! I think she is way prettier than I was at that age!

Sunday we went to church and Chad showed houses and we enjoyed time at home.  Or course we hit the park that night!  Since Monday was a holiday here as it was a long weekend I will include it in this post.  It was cooler but we wanted to check out a new park in our city.  It's called the Children's Garden and is a nature park.  It was sooo cool!  So full of people too!  I can't wait until it warms up again (yes it's sooo cool now here!)  to go back.  I took a bunch of photos to share:

The view on our way in:

They had all these cool plant animals all dressed up, here are our favorites:

They had this cool high up slide on a hill:

They had the coolest swings, they were big and like a disk, as you can see Ariel loved it:

Another view tons of tulips everywhere!

Another plant animal:
More fun things:

Daddy and Carter!

And that is my week!  If you've made it to here, good for you!  If you didn't I so understand!


Lynn said...

I made it to the end:) I love seeing pictures of your family! Love the CAS card too...I love white panels!!!!

~Tammy~ said...

Wow, your CAS card is great and you should do CAS with White more often! What fun pics of the family! Special times!!!

ivy said...

that card looks perfect to me!

love seeing all the fun pictures! and that disk thing they're sitting on looks mighty dangerous---looks like if you pull them back far enough, you'll propel them up to the sky! LOL!

Dawn T said...

what a wonderful post Anita... looks like an amazingly fun week. I love seeing your week in photos. Love the spaceship card too...

~amy~ said...

Such a fun rocket card...love the colors! FUN pics too!!!

Emily Leiphart said...

First of all, I'm SO happy that I can finally comment with Blogger! The Children's Garden looks amazing!! I love all the photos you included in this post. The kids' faces always make me smile!

Your card is fantastic and I have no idea what you meant about the stars not lining up 'cause I certainly can't see anything other than perfection! I love the photo of the card in the bulldozer. :D

Alice said...

fabulous CAS card, Anita!! so super cute! and love seeing all the lovely photos of your family! thanks for sharing!

Christiana said...

Very cute card! I love rockets for boy cards! That sentiment is so perfect. Love it.

I enjoyed your pictures, Anita! You have a beautiful little family!

Jill said...

Love your card! Your coloring is so great, fun, and cheery! Your family is adorable- thanks for sharing!!!

Jinny Newlin said...

Such great pictures! Do your kids always smile :)? They look like life is just so good to them... not that having you for a Mommy it wouldn't be or anything. Hugs! Sweet card, too! LOVE to see card creations for little boys!

Brenda said...

Great card, I love that rocket! Beautiful photos, most of all, I just love that your kids are having such fun!

CanadianScraps43 said...

Anita your card really does rock! It is so stunning with it's vibrant colour and very cool rocket ship! I so love how you shared pics of the kids and man they are growing up so fast! So amazing to see them taking part in worship and chapel at their school. They must attend a Christian Academy then? Looks like you did some amazing sightseeing and the garden scultupres are beautiful. I think the kids are little Mini Me's of you and your hubby! So adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your about your family with us. Just wanted to let you know that I might not always comment but I am looking. I try to comment in our HA Flicker group more, but will try to do better here too. Life just seems to be so busy at times. Take care sweetie.


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