Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project 365 Week 7!

Hello!  It's me here late with my project 365 for last week!  I am sorry for my absence, the weather has been just glorious!  Today was as hot as a summer's day!  I've been busy with the kids outside and it has resulted in a very tired me!  I also just don't have any mojo right now, probably because I am so tired at the end of the night!

Monday and Tuesday we stayed home and did things around the house.  Wednesday we went to stay and play and had a great time.  Afterward we went to my parents place and had lunch with my mom!

Thursday was a busy day we started at a different play group that we go to occasionally.  We met up with A one of Ariel's classmates her two siblings and her mom.  I have been getting to know J for a bit and really enjoy spending time with her, I am so sad that they are moving away this summer!  :<  Than we went out for lunch.  On my way home I decided to stop in my LSS but on the way realized I was passing by another friends house so we stopped in and visited for a while!  Don't worry I did stop in my LSS!  Here's some cute photos from the playgroup:

On Tuesday Ariel was leader of the day at school.  Which means that she had to bring snack so I made apple stresuel muffins for her class.  She also has to bring items that start with the letter of the day, her's was X so all we had was a xylophone!  And when she came home she brought the Sunshine and Kindness bag.  It had books and instructions to spread God's love and kindness to someone and write and draw a picture of it in the book afterward.  Ariel decided that she wanted to give her ballet teacher that night some flowers to spread kindness.  It was so sweet, her teacher LOVED it!  Although Ariel was a bit shy and spoke so quietly I could barely hear her!

On Friday Ariel woke up really early with a sore tummy and had thrown up.  She had just been sick the week before for a few days so it was a bit alarming!  She lay around all day with a sore tummy but didn't get sick again, and no one else here either!  And she was fine by Saturday!

Saturday was a nice day, quite windy but at least sunny after a week of dreary and cool weather.  We decided to go to the Forks for dinner.  It's a marketplace where the two rivers meet in our city.  It's nice to go around and walk and lots of eclectic shops.  We really enjoyed dinner at the Spaghetti Factory:


Sunday was a busy day.  We enjoyed church!  Than I took Ariel for her swimming lesson than to a princess party.  She was sooo tired when Chad dropped her off!  I saw a picture the dad took of all the princesses and Ariel was seriously frowning!  LOL!  Thankfully they said she perked up pretty quick and had a great time!  That night we had dinner at my parents and I enjoyed hearing my brother's wedding plans!

Well I better run!  I hope you have a great week.  And I hope to be back with a card soon!


Dawn T said...

So busy Anita. No wonder you are feeling a bit tired... I'm enjoying these stories of your life.

Jinny Newlin said...

Sounds so fun, Anita! I'm sure glad Ariel is feeling better! Take care of those cuties!

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, what a great post, Anita! I love all the photos. Ariel is such a sweetie giving her ballet teacher flowers! That photo of Carter sticking his tongue out is too funny. I (or rather my husband) can never get a good photo of me with our son! Sigh. Hope you've gotten some rest and Ariel's feeling better!

Brenda said...

Beautiful photos and a hectically happy life! Thanks for sharing!


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