Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and Project 365 Week 6!

Hello!  Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you had a great day today!  Happy Mother's day to all you moms out there, to all you who are step moms, desire to be a mom, an aunt, a mother figure to kids, and as you celebrate your own moms!  I have one Mother's Day card left to share, I haven't shared it on my blog yet this card is for all of you!

I embossed the butterflies from Antique Engravings in white on acetate, I also stamped the butterflies on teh reverse of the pp to get the shape.  I bought this trim at a fabric store for 42 cents over a year ago, only used it twice now love it, used it all up and they don't have it anymore!  I want more!

This week started with a federal election on Monday which I worked.  I enjoy it as I really like working with people and it's only one day!  A long one, over 12 hours!  Chad stayed home with the kids while I worked.  But he did show 3 houses with them!  Since both my mom and his mom worked the election too he had no one to watch the kids!  And his clients really needed to see some houses so it had to be done!

As I've mentioned this week Ariel was sick.  She woke up on Tuesday with a fever and spent the day on the couch, she seemed to be better that evening but again was sick on Wednesday and Thursday.  I took her to the doctor on Thursday since I figured out that it was her throat that hurt but it wasn't strep thankfully.  When she woke up on Friday morning I wasn't sure if she should go to school.  She had already missed Tuesday and Thursday as those were her days of school.  Thankfully around 9:15 I could tell she felt well enough to go to school so I drove her late.  When she got there at 10 her class was walking in the hallway and all the girls screamed out her name and rushed to her and hugged her!  They were so happy to see her!  I totally got tears in my eyes to see that!  It really touched my heart!

On Tuesday night Ariel and I were reading together.  She wanted to read her new book Adam and Eve.  I showed her before that once you read the whole book you can sign your name in the front cover.  We started to read it and she read the whole book easily!  It has 32 pages with 4 or 5 sentences on each page and she read it fast and so well!  I am so proud!  She has been reading for a bit and I can see how well she remembers sight words.  Usually the books are a lot smaller as they are from the advanced reading from school.  She realized that now she can read to Carter:

On Friday I watched my friend's boy N who is just a few months older than Carter.  They play so well!  I love watching them!  After Carter's nap I noticed he had a slight fever.  He has not been feeling all that well this weekend but not nearly as bad as Ariel was.  Although he has been hardly eating.  On Friday night we went to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom.  On Saturday during the day I went shopping for a bit and got some new clothes!  There were a bunch of one day sales otherwise I would not have wanted to shop on such a busy Saturday!  
Saturday night the kids and Chad took me out for Mother's Day.  Since I wanted to stop in a mall quickly to get a different size of jean we went to Olive Garden that was beside it.  Here are some fun photo's, as you can see his cheeks are all red:

On Sunday we went to church.  They had a special Mother's Day service and one of the songs had a children's choir.  Ariel went to all the practices and sang in the choir, she sang in two services today. It's so hard to get a good picture from not that close and none of the other parents went up to take pictures so I didn't either.  If you look you may be able to find her, her hair is curly:

Here is a cute photo of Carter and me:

When we got home the kids gave me a present, yoga pants!  Just what I wanted!  :>  And we took some photos, it was a lot harder this year to get a good photo:

After lunch and naps (we were all so tired!)  We went to my sister and brother in laws all of us got together and celebrated Chad's mom.  It was fun!  

What a great Mother's Day weekend we had.  I feel so blessed to be a mom.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I always knew it would be so great and I was right!  I love being a mom!  I love my children so much.  I am so blessed with them.  When I was young, in high school and after I pictured my family it included a blondish husband, two blond children a girl and a boy and we are all standing on a bridge overlooking water!  Have yet to have the bridge though!

I did want to share a bit about my mom and how blessed I am to have her.  She came to Canada with only a suitcase and with my dad worked hard to give my brother and me a better life than they had in Croatia.  I always felt so loved and treasured.  I had a really happy childhood.  They put me in any activity I wanted to try.  I would look in the leisure guide and tell my mom that there is this crafty thing today and she would say sure and take me!  They put me in sports since apparently I asked but why did I ever I sucked!!  My mom is a taylor and sewed for me my whole childhood!  When I was a kid it was as easy to find cute kids clothes so she sewed all sorts of cute clothes for me!  When I was in high school and wanted expensive clothes and couldn't always find what I liked she would sew it for me!  I love my mom!!!!

I hope you had a great Mother's Day too!  :>


~amy~ said...

Gorgeous the butterflies and trim! Fun pics...sound like you had a great Mothers day weekend!!!

Dawn T said...

lovely photos Anita, sounds like a lovely family day. Glad everyone is starting to feel better. Love the card too.

Lynn said...

Anita, Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful. I loved seeing pictures of your family. Everyone is beautiful! Love your card and glad everyone is on the mend!

Lin said...

Anita, your card is GORGEOUS, and your family adorable!

Deirdre said...

Anita, such an adorable card and even more adorable photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Glad you are all feeling a little better.

~Tammy~ said...

Sending late Mother's Day Wishes! Sounds like you had a nice day! What a beautiful family you have! Beautiful card to match to match that beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Anita! Your card is absolutely stunning! Love those colours together and the gorgeous butterflies :)

Emily Leiphart said...

It sounds like you had the most wonderful Mother's Day, Anita!! I love this post! Your card is stunning. The acetate butterflies, the ribbon, it's all a beauty. That is such a sweet story about Ariel reading to Carter and how cool is it that your parents are from Croatia? You are now my 5th Croatian friend!

farmhouse-story said...

gorgeous card and great family pics! have a great weekend, anita:)

Jinny Newlin said...

That card is just beautiful! LOVE the vellum, embossed butterflies over patterned paper! And your pics are fabulous! So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Alice said...

beautiful card, Anita! love the pretty colors and that trim is perfect! and wow! you had a busy Mother's Day weekend indeed! thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos and the story about your family, too. =)

Tiffany Ervin said...

Lovely pinks and silver colors! The floral trim really accents this card so well! Thanks always for sharing your family photos!


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