Friday, March 12, 2010

ribbon flowers

Hello!  Hope that life has been treating you all well!  I am hoping that spring has come since the weather has been warmer and the snow is just melting!  Today it was foggy with all the condensation in the air!  Maybe it will be an early spring!  It seems like spring is coming early to many of you.  Last week I picked up the cutest rain jacket and the matching boots and umbrealla at Old Navy on a crazy sale so who knows, maybe soon!  It's sad how excited I am for Ariel to wear it, she will be too cute and I will share photos!

Today I have three cards to share with you.  I have had the ribbon flowers in my head for a while since after my last card a I made a few weeks ago.  I wanted to use some of the patterned American crafts ribbon I had.  Than I saw on the American crafts studio blog that they were having a challenge to make cards I thought I really should make some flowers and cards!  I really enjoy American crafts products, I love how clean there lines are, and I love the double sided paper!  I went out and bought some thickers, my first time ever using them! The ones I got are fabric, oh what fun!  Here are my cards:

Doesn't the ribbon flower just look amazing?  I hand cut the petals, I love this card!

I made this card for my neices 4th birthday this weekend.  The ribbon flower is actually a hair pin, I only glued down the sides of the paper so that I could put the hair pin in.  I am loving this as a hair pin and will have to make more.  I was so thrilled when I found alligator clips at Michaels, I always have a pin in Ariel's hair so now I can make my own!  Isn't it adorable?  Here is the card and the pin seperate:

And lastly this weeks challenge on the cards blog was to make mini cards so I had to make one with a ribbon flower too, this one is a bit smaller:

This card measures 3 by 3.   How cute is it?  I have a great idea for a matching gift bag and will so be making that tommorow!  I had a lot of fun with these cards!  I am also going to enter it into Clare's challenge check it out! 

I have had a few people asking me how I have made these ribbon flowers.  I am working on a small tutorial, I made the hair pin one differently I hope to be back in the next few days with that!

Products used:  American crafts PP, American Crafts ribbon, thickers, bazill cardstock, HA stamps, SU scallop punch, ek sucess punch.

Today was a good day.  I went over to a neighbor down the street and had coffee, her and her husband are such nice people!  I had a lovely time and our kids played so well together.  When I came home I was so imspired to clean after seeing how clean and organized her house is!  And I redecorated and moved some decor around, I used to be so into decorating.  Well before I got this hobby!  I do have some new ideas so I will be doing some other stuff.  I have a very open concept house, there is just not enough walls for all my desires!  Tonight I went to the mall with the kids as Chad had to do some work.  Carter is not a good shopper, I don't think I take him all that much.  It's funny though when he is quiet it's because he is making eyes and smiles at strangers!  And they tell me how adorable he is and what a sweetheart, although some guess right that he is a monkey! 

Oh cute story to share.  Ariel has been into playing with her babies again, and I find it cute which ones.  Her favorite toy that she had to sleep with was a cabbage's patch baby since she was little but a few months ago she fell in love with chickie and now chickie is all she sleeps with.  Now she is also loving a totally different baby and giving baby a birthday party, naps in the basinett, lunch, and so on.  I have been waiting for her to name one of her babies, chickie was the first name she gave a toy.  So I have noticed she has been calling her baby Babyerella.  So I asked her why and she said "I wanted to give her a princess name, like Cinderella, so I named her Babyerella."  I laughed, and I can't tell you how much I love it!

Well it's late here so I better go.  Wishing you all the best weekend.  Where I work they are having employee appreciation days and are increasing our discount by 15%!  So you know what I will be doing this weekend, Ariel and Carter could use a second easter outfit! I am totaly sucker for dressy clothes!


Kelley Eubanks said...

Your cards and ribbon flowers are great!!! Love the Babyrella story... too cute!

Alice said...

fabulous ribbon flowers!! great cards!!

Char Dobson said...

Great cards, Anita! I love the ribbon flowers.

mprezzia said...
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Clare said...

These flowers are just amazing, Anita! I love all the bright, fun colors - perfect for birthdays!

Spring has already come over here - I've woken up to sunshine (and a few times, birds singing!) the past week! Ahhh, how I love spring!

Babyerella - so original! Lol, thank Ariel for me for the laughs! ;)

Virginia L. said...

LOVE your ribbon flower cards, Anita! And how cute is that name "babyrella"! Makes me smile :)

Virginia L. said...

Hey! CONGRATS on the CARDS blog! So glad to see your awesome card on the blog! Way to go, Anita! ( I didn't get to make the mini card this time).

Char Dobson said...

Just wanted to say congrats on being featured on the Cards blog. Way to go Anita!

Arlene said...

How creative - so very neat. Thank you for thinking of doing a tutorial.

Cassie said...

I love it too!!!
That ribbon flower is fabulous!!!

Jill said...

Love those ribbon flowers! And the polka dots are EXTRA fun!

Rachel D said...

The ribbon flower is adorable!

Courtney Baker said...

Love those flowers so cool!

Sherri Everett Thompson said...

Anita, I love the ribbon flower on your card! It looks fabulous! I will be watching for your tutorial.

Lucille K said...

Hi Anita,
Just love your ribbon flowers, so colorful and pretty :)


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