Tuesday, March 2, 2010

leaving it to the last minute....

Happy March!  I can't believe that March is here!  To many of you March means spring is on it's way.  Sadly not so much for me!  You know that saying "March comes like a lion and leaves like a lamb" or "March comes as a lamb and leaves like a lion"  Well March came like a lamb this year.  I think it does that to us every year!  Some people here joke that winter is 8 months of the year,  not really but it does feel like that sometimes!  I think by April sometime it will be spring, often we have snow until April sometimes!  And I have suntanned in April too so you never know! 

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!  I had quite the busy one we celebrated 4 birthdays and a baby shower!  It was nice spending that much time with family and friends!  But I did learn this weekend I better start making more kids cards ahead of time!  And good thing I made 2 guy cards last week and had an extra!

My first card is my favorite that I am showing today.  It's a sympathy one, I want to have some on hand and I had an idea so I went with it:

I used my new PTI Blooming Button Bits set, love it!  I stamped the dots with versamark and left it.  I like it, simple and can be used for a guy!  My next card is the one I made for my nephews birthday, in 10 minutes! I had totally left it to the last minute and quickly came up with this:

I quickly just threw this together and actually it's not that bad for how fast I made it!  Than on sunday I had a baby shower for one of my closest friends.  I was bad and left it to the last minute.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and than I realized that no one from the last shower would be at this shower so I could totally do the same thing as my last baby gift was!  Than I realized that I was also supposed to bake a white chocolate brownie to take with me!  So I quickly whipped up the white chocolate brownie and while it baked as fast as possible I made this:

It's cute in boy colors too! (by the way I almost added the eh to the end of that!)  The tag is a bit different and this time I was smarter I only stamped the animals each in one color instead of changing them, totally saved lots of time! After the baby shower I went out for a girls night I had planned, it was a surprise for two of my girlfriends to celebrate there birthdays!  That was easier as I had a lot of girl birthday cards!  I did want to make them bags for there gifts but I was way too tired!

Oh funny story my friend Tammy came over to pick me up for the shower and I wasn't done the present yet so she came in to watch the Canada vs USA hockey game, my hubby had his guy friend over watching it too.  She noticed a little bag I have filled with butterfly die cuts from the new SU die Butterfly Wings, and was gushing about it and did I emboss them, it came that way?  And I of course was all isn't this the cutest I love it so much.  Chad's friend says "Seriously this is what you girls talk about?"  It was funny to us, it's no big deal nor to our husbands but to another guy it's like really? 

And I totally have to share another kid story.  I actually have a few to choose from!  I was reading Ariel a book and it had some look and find in it, after we were done she wanted to read it to me and have me find it. 
Ariel- Panda
I find it
Ariel- Mommy what's this word?
Me- Eucalyptus
Ariel- No you say it
Me- Eucalyptus
Ariel- No mommy you say it!
Me- (not getting it) Eucalyptus
Ariel- Mommy....you say it!
Me- (still not getting it) Eucalyptus
Ariel- (with a funny face)  Icalyptus?
Me- (Looking at her funny, what? not really getting it still!) Eucalyptus
Ariel- Lyptus?
Me- Finally getting it and wondering how to explain it to her! 
Needless to say I had such a good laugh!  And finally explained it to her right! 
Another funny thing going on over here is that Carter is starting to talk.  His first word (besides mommy, daddy, Ariel) was ball.  Than last week Ariel and I were talking about m words and the sound m makes.  We were saying man slowly to emphasive the m sound.  And Carter goes "maaaaan"  and now his two words are ball and man.  And if you think of that together it's kinda funny!

Well I better go sorry for being so chatty but that is me!  Hope your week is amazing!


Virginia L. said...

Such CUTE cards and family stories around you, eh, Anita!!!? I adore your PTI cards and I haven't used my button bits to its full potential.You do such inspiring work!! Thanks for sharing your lovely happenings! Wasn't that the greatest moment when Canada won the hocky, eh? xoxo

Tiffany Ervin said...

Beautiful projects, love your cards, so clean and pretty colors you used!!

Alice said...

wonderful projects, Anita! thanks for the lovely kid stories!! =)

Jill said...

Love what you are creating with this set! You + button bits = MAJOR EYE CANDY!

Vanessa said...

I love your Button Bits cards! Adorable, Anita!


Kathy said...

Aww these button cards are so elegant Anita and I love your color choices too. Love your blog it's so professional looking. Hugs,kathy

Kelley Eubanks said...

Love all of your cards! I love reading your family stories too!! :)

Courtney Baker said...

Very pretty! I love everything!

Kim Wilson said...

Dont you just love the button bits sets they are my fav!!! SO cute! :) love your cards! Especially the pot one!


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