Thursday, March 18, 2010

my two cuties

Well I don't have a card to share today, I have something even better pictures of my children!  Seriously it is better as they are so cute!  I thought to myself I really should take some photos!  Just Ariel:

Carter wasn't as easy to photograph on his own, will have to try again later:

This one is very much him, he looks like he is thinking, hmmm what can I get into next?

The best one but he isn't centered!

Carter and Ariel:
19 months and 4 years

I love this one of him grabbing her face, it's very much them, they are always cuddling and wrestling!

Such a great photo but a bit blurry!  But what can I say it's very much put Carter back in the same place and as fast as I can take the photo!

I love this one because of how Ariel's face is leaned!

And this is the best one!  Aren't they too cute to be true?  I am so blessed!

Hope you enjoyed my photos!  I hope they made your heart happy!  I just had a great memory, when I was younger before I was married probably from a teenager on I used to kiss and cuddle strangers children.  Mostly at church (there are a lot of babies there!) since I loved babies sooo much! People didn't mind!  I love babies and kids! I am so blessed I have my own now!  And so many friends with kids to love, which I do too!  Hopefully I will be back soon with the flower tutorial.  This weekend looks to be busy, I have two shifts and a few dinner invites with newer friends so it shall be fun!  Hope your weekend is amazing too!


Alice said...

your children are so cute, Anita!! thanks for sharing those precious photos! hope you have a wonderful weekend! =)

Dawn T said...

Anita. No wonder you are a proud Mummy!!! These are two cute kids. Cherish these times with them as they grow up way too quick.

Julia said...

those pics turned out amazing! Your kids are so cute, you are so blessed. I really want to get together with you to craft and meet your cuties! Lately we only come into the city to visit family but we totally need to come to visit you!

Jenn said...

Your kids are beautiful! Natural little models. :)

Tiffany Ervin said...

Oh, so precious, I absolutely love these photos!

Tracey said...

Oh Anita! You are truely blessed...your kiddos are so adorable!!!! LOVE your photos! thanks for sharing :)

Jill said...

Such a beautiful post! You are such a loving mom. Your kiddos are A D O R A B L E !!!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

They look really great with the dark background! I actually love the one of your son that isn't centered - I like my pics a little off :)

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh my goodness... your children are gorgeous! Love the pics... love the one too of Carter touching your daughters face! Too precious!

Arielle H Gordon said...

SUPER CUTIES!!! Tell Ariel she has the perfect name! My kids are 21 months and 10 weeks... there's NO WAY I could put them together for pics at this point - lol!


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