Tuesday, March 16, 2010

congratulations and butterflies

Hello!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Over here we had a time change on sunday, moving up an hour which means less sleep.  But if your a stay at home mom like me it means your children sleep in!  Today they slept till 9:30 am and they went to bed on time the night before!  It was nice to sleep in!  My kids do do that every so often.  I do not have a tutoiral on the ribbon flowers yet to share, it was a busy weekend, and the time change really does do a number on your head!  I don't even know why it did since we choose to go to the later service at church and not wake up earlier than ever, I think it's just a little odd for you body.   Although it is quite nice to have the sun set later!  Especailly since the weather just keeps improving!  I have taken the kids for a few walks already, Carter is so cute in his rainboots.  True to him on his first walk outside ever (he couldn't walk in winter boots in the snow!) he went right for the puddles!  Today he was so sweet waving to everyone he saw!  It made me forget how today he learnt how to climb onto the high island chairs and sits on top of the island making a big mess! I am scared he will fall off!  He also pushed the chair and was sitting on the stove! Tonight I also went on my own for a run/speed walk, it's so nice that I can start doing this so much earlier this year!  I may have over done it though as my legs feel like jello!

So I have a card I made for my cousin who just got engaged.  I am hoping she likes it so much she forgives me for not yet congratulating her (she lives in another city and I didn't see her facebook status that said she was engaged!  And her phone number got changed due to job changes too!)  I used the new SU butterfly wings die, it's a friends but I really should get it. 

Doesn't the colorful butterflies make you happy?  I love how the die embosses and cuts! This really was a fun card to make!

Yesterday before church I dropped Chad off since he was volunteering in the parking lot.  I went to McD's since they were having 2 weeks of free coffee!  I am not one to go out and buy coffee unless I didn't have time to make it at home, or I go to the mall, or out with friends, I would rather spend my money on stamps!  Ariel asks me why I am going there and I tell her it's because it's free.  She than asks "Why is there coffee free?"  I am driving and thinking of my response but before I can answer she asks "Is it's because it's amazing?"  I laughed quite hard amazing?  So cute.  And yes there coffee is good but I am sure we all know it's not amazing!

I better head off to bed!


Kelley Eubanks said...

This is beautiful... i love all of those butterflies!! And the colors rock! :) Thanks for your sweet comments on my cards/posts! :) Love the coffee story! :)

Dawn T said...

Fabulous card Anita, Glad your weather is improving. I always think that daylight savings is the start of summer... even if the really good weather is still a wee way away!. Only 3 more weeks of it for me then winter is on the way 8-(. Our weather has cooled down like overnight. Autumn is well and truly on the way.

Vanessa said...

Super card, Anita! Love the butterflies in these colors! And your coffee story is so fun!


Alice said...

wow! really pretty design! love those colorful butterflies!!

Jill said...

This card is--- drop. dead. gorgeous. I love all of those butterflies! (Be still my heart!!) And the colors are exceptional!! Hope you are still enjoying your AMAZING coffee!

Courtney Baker said...

This is totally gorgeous!

Tracey said...

GORGEOUS butterfly card!!! So happy to hear you were out running in this wonderful spring weather!!

Kathy said...

I love all these beautiful butterflies Anita and the color combo is fantastic!!


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