Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sending Hugs and Love!

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your day is great!  Woke up to rain, apparently it rained hard and hailed very early this morning!  And late this afternoon that light rain turned to snow!  It's not sticking to the ground...yet!

I wanted to mention at the top of my blog just under the header I put a new page of  Other Projects with links to projects that aren't cards, like the treats I make for Ariel's class, handmade gifts, birthday parties I did for the kids.  I did it to make it easier to check out and be inspired!

Today I have a card to share using new stamps and new papers from the Plumeria collection by Basic Grey and Hero Arts!

I got this stamp set Pattern Hearts and Flowers for the flowers so I find it funny that the first card I made was with the stamp stamps!  :>  Pretty simple card stamping, cutting and a little paper piecing but to me it's so spring!  Love this Plumeria paper!  Do you ever work your way up using your least favorite paper first since you can't cut into your favorite?

Spring break has had a good start here.  Ariel had a playdate with a class mate yesterday afternoon, the two had so much fun.  I love having playdates and helping my daughter grow good friendships!  Than she went for a sleepover with her girl cousins at grandmas and grandpas!  We met up with my nephew who is Carter's age and they had a fun playdate at McD's!  Today Ariel went to a birthday party for the day for one of her good friends!

Sadly Carter woke up with red eyes and the skin around all red no goop or liquid coming out.  Not sure what it is!  An eye infection?  He has never had any problems with his eyes before and I remember when I had pink eye the doctor telling me that Poly Sporn eye drops will work if you've never had an eye infection before so I bought some of that and have been using that.  It's helping.  It almost looks like allergies really bad but he has never had this before so I don't know!  Hopefully it's A LOT better tomorrow!

Well until next time!  I finished the wreath order and am waiting for my friend to take a photo of it on her door the colors will look so great on it!  :>  See you soon!


Barb said...

Sounds like allergies to me, Anita - poor little guy! You can become allergic to anything at anytime, so it's possible that's what it is. The skin around my son's eyes used to get very red too. Hope he's better soon! Fabulous card - love all the different colors! :)

Anonymous said...

This is soo pretty! Love all those fun colours and patterns. Soo sorry to hear about your poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon.

Brenda said...

Oh boy, hoping that Carter gets well soon. My heart really hurts when kids are ill and Natasha is not well either, about to call the doctor to get her in. Love that pretty paper you used and I also like the neat card design!

Carol McCready said...

Hope Carter feels better quickly. Most everyone in my family has had their allergies start early this spring.

Love the card.

Kathy (krolski) said...

Love all the soft colors in your card! Pretty! Hope Carter is feeling better!

Virginia L. said...

Love this delightful card, Anita! The colors and patterns are really sweet!Hope Carter's eye are fine now, if he keep having issues, maybe he should be checked for allergy? Just a thought!

jennfontaine said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying your spring break!
The card is so pretty~so very springy and fun! I love the purple twine!

I hope Carter'e eye heals fast!


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