Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sunshine and chocolate chip cookies

Hello!  Happy Tuesday!  Well it's freezing over here again!  I guess the one good thing is that at least when it's so cold it doesn't snow!  I don't remember the last winter where our snow drifts were so high!  Driving has been fun, itching forward trying to see and not get hit!  I hope that spring is not fast this year as they are calling for a flood!  Living in the city we are protected by the flood way but I have a few friends who do live out of town who may have to evacuate!  

With it being so cold Ariel has had indoor recess a lot the past few weeks.  She has come home with a lot of energy and I can't imagine what it's like for her teacher with 23 little kindergartners full of energy!  Yesterday I baked some chocolate chip cookies and as I did I thought it would be nice to send some to Ariel's teacher and the EA.  A little treat!  I made a tag for them too:

Excuse the not so great photo's I took them quickly this morning!  I whipped up these tags last night before bed.  I made the tags nice and springlike by stamping the clouds background and sun by Hero Arts. The sentiment is perfect, I wrote on the back that spring is on it's way! Oh and used my new die by PTI, love it! Chad dropped Ariel off at school and told her teacher that I sent something for them and he said she got excited!  You know it wasn't that hard and it totally puts a smile on her face!  And it's always nice to get a treat, plus I like her teacher!

As I am writing this Carter who is playing with toys starts hopping over to me on his hands and knees saying ribbit ribbit over and over.  He loves frogs and often when we ask him what animals say he says ribbit for everyone of them (even though he knows!!!)  I pulled him up into my lap to cuddle, he is sooo cute!  And he told me "I love you much!"  My sweetheart!

Well I better get back to cleaning! Oh the joy!


Ann said...

These are so sweet, Anita! Wishing I had some sun & cookies here! :)

Chark said...

cute! I want one! :)

Karen B. said...

Aww, these are so cute, great idea for a Valentines gift too.

Barb said...

Oh, yum!! My FAVORITE cookies! I'm actually a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur! Bet you didn't know that! (Hee, hee.) Love your adorable tags too, Anita! Stay warm!

~amy~ said...

Yum...such a fab giftie!

Dawn T said...

you are so thoughtful Anita. What a nice idea

Deirdre said...

Anita, just saw the wonderful news on the HA Blog..... congrats to you... fantastic news.

Enjoy the apron.... you will be superb. Hugs.


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