Wednesday, April 14, 2010

thanks for being my mom

Hi all!  Hope your having a great night!  Today has been a fun day, took my kids to stay and play at my church.  I volunteered there today also, it's so much fun for the kids as there are all sorts of toys, bouncers and such for them to play with!  And lots of people for mommy to chat with and well I love to chat!  It's also been so hot here which is wonderful but also just so windy!  It's not much fun to go outside with little kids in windy weather sometimes, although we did go to the park for a bit!  Tonight I got called in to work and had my preformance review and did great!
Today I have another Mother's Day card to share with you! I am entering this into the Hero Arts contest and Lucy Englands stiching one.  Playing with another newer Hero Arts stamp set of mine.  It's actually really funny that I love this set so much as well I am terrified of bees!  As in one of those people who run away from bees.  And it doesn't help much that people have been hearing of how I am scared and telling me that they understand and tell me how they were stung and how much it hurt!  My running has paid off dear friends as I have never been stung!  So here is my card:

thanks for being my mom, originally uploaded by AnitaRex.
This is a card that came along as I made it.  I had the idea for kraft with bees and using floss for there trail.  Let me tell you I really like doing the whole floss thing but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do just a single thread with a needle!  The sentiment is "Thanks for being my friend" but I just stamped "Thanks for being my" and than used the rest of the letters from the other sentiments.  I covered all the letters I didn't want with tape stamped it in the pad peeled off the tape and stamped it on the card!  Tricky but I wanted the same font.  At first I was going to leave this card as just the kraft but than thought to do the yellow, and than thought to clear emboss the yellow with the dots but than it came to me like a light to do black dot embossing!  How perfect is that?  The bees wings also have glitter on them, because you know that means they are nice bees and won't sting!

Products:  Hero Arts Be Happy, Cling Dots, Derwent colorsoft pencils, bazill cardstock, floss.

I do have a story to share with you!  Last friday I had a shift to work and Chad got some free tickets to the hockey game.  And a lot of our guy friends were going and bringing thier kids so Chad was going to take Ariel.  Our friend K was staying home with her little girl and said she would watch Carter, and than she also ended up watching her sister's son too.  K is also pregnant with her 3rd child.  K went to the bathroom and could here the kids giggling she figured she didn't need to rush, she had Carter who is 19 months, N who is 2, and M who is almost 3.  When she came out Carter greeted her covered in flour!  There was flour all over the kitchen and the living room!  The kids were also covered!  She thinks it was probably Carter who found it which doesn't suprise me, she says the kids were throwing it at each other!  Oh my gosh it's so funny!  I could just see those three monkeys and really from all of us those are our monkeys doing that!  It's so funny!  She said it was close to bed so she put them at the table and gave them a snack while she cleaned up!  Sadly she didn't get a picture as her hubby had the camera at the hockey game!

Hope your having a wonderful week!


Dawn T said...

very cute card Anita... and can just imagine the three littlie with flour everywhere Poor K

Alice said...

such a sweet and lovely card, Anita! i love the stitched bee trails! =)

Tiffany Ervin said...

So cute! Love the clever way you switched out your sentiment to make it your very own!

Jill said...

So cute! LOVE the bold background polka dots!!

Pauline said...

So sweet, love the stitched bee trails, lovely! Pauline x


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