Friday, April 30, 2010

thank you row of houses

Hello my friends!  Hope you are keeping well!  I have something funny to share with you.  I noticed that house stamps are so in.  And I loved them but thought to myself really what am I going to use it for?  And it wasn't just a one time thought it was everytime I saw a house stamp I would think of how much I liked it but you know.  Than a little while ago I was at my friends place stamping together and she tells me why house stamps would be perfect for me, "for when your making thank you cards for Chad's clients"  My husband Chad is a real estate agent!  You know I am smart, and I have a fantastic memory but sometimes I tell you I am so blonde!  Doesn't it just make you laugh?  I am the person who should own EVERY house stamp!  So two weeks ago I was at my LSS and saw that she had the Hero Arts row of houses stamp and well I squeled with joy and bought it!  When making cards for my hubby he usually mails them so I wanted flat simple designs because nothing would be worse than a card arriving in pieces!  And I know that he doesn't want anything femine.  So that meant simple this time! 

thank you row of houses green, originally uploaded by AnitaRex.
And I made an aqua one:

And I made this one for the single guy my hubby worked with:

I am entering these cards into the Hero Arts challenge this month that is home and mother's day!  I actually entered a lot this month!  I really enjoyed this month's theme!  I am a little sad it's over, because well I will probably be making a lot more house cards in the future!  But I look forward to next month!

Yay my bee card from my last post made me a domestic diva on the EBTKS challenge blog!  That totally made my day! 

I wanted to share with you that I had a great weekend with my family last weekend!  The kids all had such a fun time too, all 10 of them! It was a lot of fun, but very busy!  We enjoyed big family meals every night in a different restaurant, we survived Chuckie Cheese (they don't have that here anymore!) and swimming,  swimming and more swimming!  I got a lot of shopping done!  I did buy some craft stuff, the prices are so much better and things are so much easier to find in the US even in such a small city!  But I didn't go crazy because I wanted new clothes, which I got!  And love!  I also got the kids such cute stuff too!  I am so glad we did it and I hope to again! 

From the weekend I do have a story to share with you.  On sunday night Chad took Ariel swimming with all the other kids but I stayed back to put Carter to sleep.  He was so tired and we thought maybe if he was sleeping before Ariel came back it would be easier.   The handle on the door  was one that you pull down so Carter quickly learnt how to open it and run down the hallway with glee!  So we would use the bar to lock it on top so he couldn't open it.  We had an adjourning door to my brother and sister in laws room and we were sitting in her room looking over the clothes she bought for her kids.  All of a sudden we realize that Carter is back in my room and he has shut the adjourning door!  My SIL goes out to the hall and realizes that the door is closed with the bar from the inside.  I went and told the hotel worker and she comes with this metal stick thing and is trying to open the door.  Carter is crying and his little fingers are on the door and he is trying to get out!  My friends ask me how I felt, if I was panicking!  I wasn't actually I felt so bad for him in there all alone, he isn't even two yet and he is my baby and I knew he didn't understand.  I didn't worry we wouldn't get him out I knew there was a way.  The hotel worker I think was more panicking than me!  After much trying by everyone with the metal stick thing they had to saw off the bar!  It took Carter a little while to stop crying!  I think this will be one of those stories we may always remember!

Another funny thing that happened is on sunday night I couldn't find my pajamas!  We looked everywhere in the room!  They hadn't taken the towels that day, what we think happened is that Carter threw it in the garbage in the room and we never noticed!  Oh well I needed some new ones, which I bought the next day!  :>  Hope your weekend is amazing!


Dawn T said...

LOL - your post made me giggle Antia. Sounds like an amazing weekend with the family despite all the dramas, Well done on your EBTKS mention. And your house cards are awesome. Chad is lucky to have such a talented wife to make his thank you cards!!!

Char Dobson said...

Love your cards Anita!

Ayana Posadas said...

Wow Anita!
These look great! :)
I love the pattern paper and the different ways you used the same stamp!

Jill said...

Great cards! I love them all- especially the simplicity of the simple stamping on kraft! Very striking!

Alice said...

lovely simple thank yous, Anita! i love them all! it sounded like you had quite an eventful weekend last week!! thanks for sharing your fun stories! =)

Pajalu said...

Anita, what great cards. I especially love the way you where meant to have those houses ;). Don't worry so much about the blonde moment - I think we all must suffer from that from time to time. It sounds like you all had a fun & eventful time as well xoxoxoxo

Tiffany Ervin said...

Gorgeous! Love the clean and very crisp design, these houses are so fun to experiment with, aren't they?

Vanessa said...

Your cards are super, Anita!!! Love your houses!

Jenny said...

Wonderful cards!! And yes you can use text in the challenge. Any kind of writing style you want!! :D I just love how they look. I want that friendship stamp too!! :D have a wonderful day!

alexandra s.m. said...

Love these cards! Such a clean and gorgeous design!

Courtney Baker said...

Oh these are great!

Unknown said...
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