Monday, April 21, 2014

A WaterColour Butterfly Card!

It's me!  Yes me the girl who used to make tons of cards and than disappeared.  Anyone out there?  If anyone still cares...I have been buried under felt, burlap and wreath forms creating wreaths like crazy!  My etsy shop Anita Rex Designs has been doing so well!  I still am so many orders to create March saw my best month yet (Yes March I know who would have thought March?  My Egg Wreath was a HUGE hit!)  But I am currently teaching an intro to Card Making class at Creative Retirement Manitoba!  Last week was my first class of 4 this week's focus is die cutting!  While I was creating cards for the class I took the white fancy butterfly die by Hero Arts and derailed from preparing for the class and started watercolouring for fun the butterfly with the only watercolours I have, Ariel's crayola!.

 HA! but it worked and it was fun and after a while of not making cards and struggling when I did a lightbulb went off and I made a card that I truly love

A side view:

A watercolour not bright rainbow slightly pastel butterfly!  It's hard to tell but it's not all green it is green and blue.... I asked my kids the color order for know to test them, they weren't too happy that I didn't do indigo (or purple apparently I only did one and neither could agree to which one)

After I started at my card for a bit with love, hey it's been a while I created a card I love I finished and made one of the cards for the class:

As you can see I was left with a bunch of white butterflies so I am sending along for them to finish at home the plain white butterfly (to color any way they choose) a white card and a die cut word!  

Well that's it for me today!  I did create another card for the class and than another card for me (yay) so I hope to be back later this week with more to share!  Thank you for stopping by!  Remember a great way to keep up with me is through my facebook account here!


Virginia L. said...

Love your card share, Anita! Those watercolor butterflies are gorgeous! So glad that your wreaths are selling so well! Way to go!

Cindy C. said...

Hi Anita, so nice to see your card creations again!! And I am glad you were just busy with your ETSY shop and not because of other reasons. Beautiful usage of the butterfly die!!!

Dawn T said...

Good to see you here Anita... your rainbow butterfly is really pretty. Sounds like your life is full with the wreaths and your classes. Thank goodness for FB so I can keep up with you

Annette Allen said...

LOVE that butterfly..

Miriam Prantner said...

Loving the bold butterfly! They will really enjoy making these!

Robin K. said...

I'm not surprised your wreath business has taken off Anita- your wreaths are amazing!! And I'll bet your class participants really enjoy taking your classes:). Such pretty butterfly cards! Happy Spring!

Good Timing said...

So pretty! Good job! :)

Jenna ♥ said...

Wonderful cards!!!


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