Friday, July 6, 2012

Indie Chic Saffron Card Set!

Happy Friday!  Hope you have great plans for the weekend!  I am currently at the cabin but I scheduled this post ahead of time!

I've shared already the photo blocks I gave as teacher gifts this year and how I wrapped them and the cards I gave with them.  But I also made 1 card set as a gift for the gym teacher.  I am always at a loss on how many cards should a card set be.  4, 6 or 8?  Well this time since I had 4 flowers this card set is 4!  If I am going to use pattered paper for my card sets I just can't seem to cut up a 6 by 6 pad for it and prefer to use a full 12 by 12 sheet for it!  I whipped this set up pretty quickly:

The flowers are from Maya Road and I paired them up with a sheet of Indie Chic by My Mind's Eye.  Pretty easy to tell what I did.  Sometimes we overthink card sets but going with something simple and fast using patterned paper makes it work!  And not hoarding the pretty flowers was a good move!  :>

I wanted to share some cute kid stuff!  The other day I was getting ready to go out during lunch time I just wanted to finish styling my hair before I whipped the kids up some lunch.  Well I didn't have to Ariel did that for me and look at the healthy lunch she made:

A peanut butter sandwich for herself, a cheese one for Carter, sugar snap peas, strawberries and yogurt!  Great job I was so impressed!  Than that evening Ariel made herself a chore chart.  She took one of my old 12 by 12 papers and on the back drew pictures of each chore she would do and made columns for check marks!  She also asked for chores and came up with her own, like making the bed (something I wanted her to do already) feeding the fish (good thing since I've been forgetting!) washing dishes (she seems to really like this) after a meal put dirty dishes in the sink, and help me make breakfast!  Seriously she is such an amazing kid!  What a blessing she is!  

Well I am off!  Having fun at the cabin with the kids!  I did take along some craft stuff to make cards or work on a wreath!  Currently my door is wreathless and that is no good!  Can't wait to catch up with all of you!


Kelly said...

that a really nice set! I never know how many cards to put in a set either and usually go by what supplies I have too....(and how much time I have)

~Tammy~ said...

What a little mama! So cute!

I love your sweet card set! I am sure the PE teacher enjoyed the sweet thoughtful gift! So so special!

Dawn T said...

totally gorgeous set Anita. And you really are blessed with such a good daughter. But it also is a reflection on how you and Chad have taught her. She wouldn't be like that with out the wonderful influence you give.

Annette Allen said...

wow these are gorgeous...I love the design and those flowers are so pretty..

jennfontaine said...

What a beautiful gift! Such pretty cards- that patterned paper is amazing!

Ariel is too sweet! What a blessing!

Cindy C. said...

Sweet set! These make beautiful gifts!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Darling card set, Anita! And how sweet that Ariel made the nutritious lunch!!

Jackie Rockwell said...

Such a beautiful set! Love the soft feminine colors and the patterned paper is so pretty.


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