Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A card and photos from my brother's wedding!

Hello!  I am so sorry my blog has been so quiet.  This past weekend my brother got married!  He's my only sibling so it's a big deal!  First up I do have a card to share with you, it's from my Scrapbooking Cafe Online weekly share just a bit late on my blog.  Last week was crazy with preparations!

For more details on this card please check out this post here.

What a fabulous wedding my brother had!  :>  First off I just want to say that he couldn't have chosen a better bride, Oksana is not only beautiful but a beautiful person too.  I am so blessed to call her my sister in law!  The wedding was held at the Ukrainian Catholic church Oksana and her family attend.  It was a traditional ceremony.  Both my kids were in the wedding Ariel as a flower girl and Carter as a ring bearer.  I was so excited for them!  And they were too, but quite nervous!  One big blessing was that Oksana had her two nieces as flower girls too and the kids all got along amazingly!  They had so much fun together!  We had a lot of out of town guests come to!  My mom's cousin from Miami came, my Aunt and Uncle with her grand daughter from Edmonton came and another of my mom's cousin from Toronto came!  My brother also had a lot of friends come too from all over!  Here are some special photos, can you tell Carter was nervous?

 Isn't this the sweetest?

At the ceremony we also had a lot of family photos taken!   Between the ceremony and reception we took the kids home for a nap!  Here's a bunch of photos from the reception:

Ariel and Aliana became great friends!  Don't you love the dress?  I so do!  And I had to get Ariel a tiara to go with it!

My new sister and me!  :>  My wonderful friend Tracey did my makeup for me!  I was torn as to what to do with my hair as my hairdresser was booked.  I was so nervous to try someone new and when I found this feather hair pin at Michaels I decided to go with this look!  :>

My brother and Carter!

Katrina and Carter played so well together, he also listened really good to her!  Here she is telling him to smell the flowers!

 My brother and I!
During the first dance Carter and Ariel danced with each other!  It was so sweet!

Chad's parents also came to the wedding!  Along with Chad's brother!  If you've noticed no pictures of me with my parents it's because the photographer took them at the church and I didn't take any, yesh!

This is a photo from the end of the night. A wedding guest that I didn't know came up to me with Carter in her arms he had gone up to her and told her he was tired and wanted to be picked up!  She told me that he was the sweetest boy and had been playing peek a boo with him!  While he had sat well through the meal he quietly had been playing with Katrina and Ariel but when they got tired he was going around the room asking people "Will you play with me?"  What is it about little boy's in suits?  Everyone loved him in his suit!  Here is Carter absolutely finished and cuddling his grandma while I gathered up Ariel to go leave!  Chad's parents took the kids home for the night so Chad and I could stay late!

The next day my parents hosted a huge party in there backyard!  Since there was so much family in from out of town!  It was a fabulous party!  What a weekend, what a wedding!  Thanks for letting me share with you this special day!


Wida said...

Beautiful wedding, you all looked gorgeous!!!

Dawn T said...

WOW Anita.... you, Chad, Ariel and Carter all looked amazing. The children all looked so grown up in their wedding clothes. Carter certainly looked so handsome and sweet too. Ariel looked like a princess. What great memories they will have of the day. Thanks so much for sharing.

Lynn said...

what absolutely wonderful pictures from your brother's wedding. You can feel the happiness for them! Such gorgeous pictures of your family too!

Kara Lynne said...

The wedding looks beautiful! Your little ones are precious, I loved hearing about Carter asking to play with various guests. Loved your card too!

Maureen Morton said...

What a glorious day - thanks for sharing it with us! And your card is so darn sweet. Love is in the air!

Mary-Anne V said...

Very pretty card. Looks like you all had a great time at your brother's wedding...the kids looks so cute!

Miriam Prantner said...

Great card! Love the cutting, and GREAT wedding photos! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time and you look wonderful!

jennfontaine said...

Love love the card! So beautiful and colours!

The pictures are so gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful to have a sister in law that you love? You look so pretty and the kids look adorable!

I wanted to ask you who the third guy is in the picture you posted on facebook that says "family" there is your brother, a guy named Joey and then another guy...

Lindsey said...

I just have the one brother, too, so I know what you're saying. :) Beautiful card, love the embossing + stamping!

~Tammy~ said...

What wonderfully sweet memories of such a special day! Thanks for sharing!

Your card is amazing as always!

Robin K. said...

Thanks for sharing!! Your daughter looks like a little princess and your son a little prince-you and Chad must have been so proud of them!! Looks like everyone will have wonderful memories to last a lifetime! P.S. Gorgeous color on you and love the fun barrette:)


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