Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Resist Newspaper Tulips

Hello!  I hope that you are having a fantastic day!  This week has been amazing and one of the main reasons is all the beyond kind comments you have left me over my Stamping Royalty win!  Wow I am so blown away by all of you!  So blessed to have you part of my life!

I actually have more exciting news.  I am the first to admit that this past week has been really really great!  My hubby is blown away too!  It's funny how all the good things happen so closely together sometimes!  I am excited to share that I have been asked to join the Gel a Tins design team!  :>  You can see the announcement here!!  Can't wait to start working with there fabulous stamps!

On Monday night I had 6 cards picked up for publication!!!  3 in the Create Stamping Idea book (September 2012) and 3 in CARDS September 2012 issue!  This is the most for me that I have ever had picked up!  It kinda was something I was hoping for but didn't want to get my hopes up!  I have joy when I have 1 card picked up can you imagine how I feel having 6?  Yowza indeed!  The emails came one at a time while watching How I Met Your Mother and relaxing with Chad!  It was 40 minutes of it and Chad kept saying "Another one?  What?  Really?"  And high fiving me!  It was awesome to share that with him!  It has been a really blessed week!!!!

Today I have another thank you card to share!  It's one that I made for Stamping Royalty but wasn't picked (which is MORE than fine!)

I heat embossed the newspaper tulips by Hero Arts in white and than applied distress inks tumbled glass and shabby shutters over top.  This piece took me 4 times to get to this right.  First I flubbed up with the embossing, than with the inking too dark, too messy... This was the first card I made for Stamping Royalty contest and with how many tries it took I almost gave up!  But I was determined to finish this card and once I did my mojo came back and I was able to create a few more!  Stamping the newspaper background on this took 3 tries I don't know why this card gave me such a hard time!  :>  I love how fresh this is, I would love to turn it into a card set but with how many tries it took to get right the first time there will be no more tries!  :>

I am entering this card into the Lily Pad Challenge of Flowers!  And the Simon Says Stamp Challenge of April Showers bring May Flowers, I think tulips are quite spring no?  :>

Oh I wanted to share some more Easter photos.  Chad and I have always left Easter bunnies and other chocolates for the kids from the Easter bunny.  It might be because when Ariel was 3 I didn't buy her any chocolates from us.  I figured she had gotten so much from family and she didn't need any more!  Well 2 days later she asks Chad in the softest and sweetest voice "Daddy why didn't the Easter bunny come?"  Oh boy did we mess up!  Totally broke our hearts and he came the next morning!  We do teach our kids the true meaning of Easter that Jesus died on the cross bearing of sins and saving us.  But we have never had an Easter egg hunt at home for the kids!  We always did it at Chad's parents and I guess that's why we didn't.  On Good Friday I found out that Chad's siblings still do with there kids at home and it dawned on me why don't we do it too?  So Chad took great joy in hiding chocolates all over the house late Saturday night!!  He put there baskets on the door filled with there bunnies and made a trail from the door to the living room. 

Well at 1:30 in the morning on Sunday Carter wakes up and comes to us.  He woke us up and we told him he needed to go back to bed, he said he wanted to go alone but I followed him because I worried he would be having a hunt in the middle of the night all by himself!  As I follow him I see him realize that there are chocolate eggs on the floor!  It was so sweet to watch his sleepy reaction!  He said "Mommy the Easter bunny came!  LOOK!"  Well it took a little while to get him to go back to sleep!  It was so fun to listen to Carter wake up Ariel in the morning with "Ariel the Easter bunny came!"  And than hear there giggles and excitement as they hunted for eggs all over the house!

On Saturday night we decorated eggs. This was the first year Carter really got into it and didn't break any eggs!  The kids loved it.  And loved eating them after they were all gone by Monday night!

On Easter Sunday we went to my parents place for turkey!  Here are some photos:

They love each other so!  Here's a photo of my dad with the kids, he wanted it for his facebook profile!!!!!  :>

Well that's it from me!  The house is quiet as Chad is out with his buddies and the kids are asleep!  Time for me to hit the books and study!  Even if the stamps are calling my name!


Jocelyn Olson said...

Wow, you really did have an amazing week! Congrats again on the SR and huge congrats on the Gel-atins DT! Hooray about all the publications, too! I love the's so beautiful--funny story about the process. I love your story about your son and the eggs (awww!). Cute pics!

Virginia L. said...

I can still feel the EXCITEMENT, Anita! What a WEEK! Congrats on making the Gel-a-Tins DT AND 6 cards picked up! Wow! The kiddie's photos are so cute and you do look like your Dad! Enjoy the limelight!

Stamp with Angela said...

I love your card. The emboss resist technique looks great.

Thanks for sharing about Easter with your family. So fun for the kids and hunting for Easter eggs.

Taheerah said...

Congrats Anita!! Such great news and I love how you described the news coming in a piece at a time! Looking forward to working alongside you on the Gel-á-Tins team!!

Heather said...

Congratulations doubly!!!
Your card is stunning, the inking and stamping is beautiful and sensational.
Thanks so much for joining us the Simon Says Stamp challenge
Heather xx

jennfontaine said...

So very excited for you! Way to go! You deserve to have your talents and gifts noticed! That is great how you put yourself out there and take a chance!

This card is so beautiful! You did an amazing job with it! I always laugh when people say "you always make it so perfect" because they didn't see the 10 tries that ended up in the garbage! lol!

Wonderful pictures!!

Carol McCready said...

So very happy for you. Love the tulip card.

Maureen Morton said...

What a wonderful week, Anita! I love your excitement - it is contagious. I am so happy for and proud of you. WOW! This card is great - love the bright contrast of the red twine. You rock, girlfriend!

Christine said...

Wow, congrats on your wonderful news!! That is really awesome!! Love your card that you posted for the challenge too. If this is one that was not picked up, I can't even imagine what the others look like because I love this one a lot. The embossing on the inked background is so pretty!!

Thanks so much for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Challenge blog.
xoxo, Christine

Christiana said...

What a lovely card, Anita!

So glad you had such a fabulous Easter!

Chark said...

Play the lotter, Anita! You're on a roll! congrats!

Emily Leiphart said...

Congratulations on more wonderful news, Anita! I can't wait to see what you design next. This card is amazing! And those photos of the kids are super sweet. I really do love that one of them with your Dad!

Greta said...

You are really on a roll! Big congrats!

Betsy V said...

Anita, congrats on all your fabulous news this week! So deserving...your creations are beautiful! Enjoy it! :-)

ivy said...

congrats anita! when it rains, it pours! couldn't happen to a better person!


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