Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers and Mother's Day and Grey, Yellow and White Wreath!

Hello Happy Thursday!  Hope your day has been fabulous!  I've been enjoying a much needed day at home!  Sometimes you just need that right?  It's so sunny outside that Carter and I went for a nice long walk and than he came home and fell asleep fast for his nap!  I enjoyed some relaxing time too!

Last week after teaching the Mother's Day card class I picked up a new 6 by 6 pad This and That by Echo Park as a reward for myself!  :>  Today I finally was able to play with it!

I embossed with chestnut zing embossing powder the flowers from patterned hearts and flowers by Hero Arts onto three different pink cardstocks and cut them out.  Working on the Mother's Day cards!

I am entering this card into the Lily Pad Simon Says Stamp challenge of Flowers!

I have a cute story to share.  The other day the kids were playing outside and the door bell rang over and over and over.  So I went and found Carter panting at the door and he runs inside and I ask him "Carter what's the matter?"  He looks at me and says "Bee!!!  There is a bee!"  I tell him "Carter don't worry he won't eat you!"  He says "Of course not I am not nectar!"  He shocked me with that one!  How does he know about nectar and bees?  A few days later my MIL is babysitting him and there was a butterfly and he said to her "I don't want the butterfly to land on me!'  And she said "Don't worry Carter the butterfly won't hurt you!"  And he says "Yeah I am not nectar!"  She was shocked and asked him how he knew that and he said to her "I just know!"  Silly smart boy! 

Tonight while eating supper Ariel was telling us about music class and how they are learning a song and playing it on musical instruments the xylophones and telephones!  Hehehe I love it!  Yesterday when leaving her school one of the ladies who volunteer in her class told me that she loves my daughter!  Cause she is so sweet!  She really is!  :>  And it touches my heart to hear it from others!  :>

I have another wreath to share!  This one is for sale and if you are interested please email me!  It's such fun and bright colors, perfect for this time of year!  It's also my biggest wreath yet at 14 inches!

The yarn is a gorgeous luminance silver grey with bright yellow, white and charcoal felt flowers and silver pearls!  :>  I am working on a few more wreaths so I can finally open an etsy store.  :> 

Well I am off to make a tropical smoothie for us, study spelling and music homework with Ariel, and baths!  Just typing that made me tired!


Robin K. said...

Awwwwww, thanks for sharing such sweet stories about your kids Anita! They always make me smile :) Your card is so pretty - love that pp! And I love the color combination of your latest wreath - very sophisticated. I'm sure you'll do very well with your Etsy shop!

Greta said...

Wow--your wreathe is just gorgeous, Anita!

Dawn T said...

you have the cutest of kids Anita. Carter sounds an amazing little man. Love this card. I'm sure I will be CASE'ing this one. Such a nice design. And your wreath is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous card Anita and i absolutely love your gorgeous wreaths!! Soo pretty :)

Maureen Morton said...

Your sweet story started my weekend with a huge smile, Anita. As did this lovely card - your style is so pure and sweet! You continue to amaze, Ms Royalty!

jennfontaine said...

Another great post!

Carter is too sweet! And it is so touching when someone else sees great qualities in our kids and tells us! That's wonderful!

The mother's day card is so pretty! I really like the background paper- so fun! You do such a great job cutting out the flowers- they look beautiful! Great bow too!

Beautiful wreath too!

Lindsey said...

Your Mother's Day card is gorgeous! And isn't nice to have a reason to treat yourself to some new goodies? ;) Love the dramatic colours of your wreath, too.

Emily Leiphart said...

I love your children's stories, your beautiful card and your stunning wreath! I'd love to know where you buy your felt. It looks so lovely!

~Tammy~ said...

Your mother's day card is gorgeous! Wow!!! Love the colors!

Cute story about Carter! Smart Boy is right!

Another stunning wreath! I wonder how Dianne is making out. I have not seen her...hope she is ok, but hoping she is off having fun and enjoying herself for a change. She always does for others.

Wida said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, I am glad you get my humor ;) this mothers day card is perfect, especially the bow! I liked reading your stories too!!


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