Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Never Fails

Hello!  Hope your doing well!  It's been a pretty good week, no idea where it went though!  :>  Happy to share that the weather has warmed up but it's still winter!  :>  I read an article that stated that my city Winnipeg is the coldest city of it's size in all of North America!  I think a few other cities in Canada come close though! It makes me wonder what made my parents immigrate here from Croatia?  Oh well I have a great long past the knees with a furry hood parka and it's warm so it's not all that bad. Yes I know with reading that it gets to be minus 40 something here you picture me in a snowsuit when I go out, if only people did that here!  I do have snowpants though, with little kids and sledding it's a must!

I have a card I made for my parents they needed it for my cousins wedding in Banff!  Sadly I wasn't able to go but I did enjoy hearing all about it and seeing pictures!  I love that my parents wanted  me to make a card for them, although I totally stressed out about it:

I used some pp from My Mind's Eye lost and found collection, I love the glitter on it!  I used a metallic cardstock with it. Love this bible verse, it's actually the first one Ariel memorized this year in September.  I couldn't believe it when she came home with it, a whole page and she did it!  And every month!  Hearing her sweet voice say this verse is one of the sweetest sounds ever!  I just had the best idea to video tape her doing her verse each month!

I do have a few things to share.  My kiddies are improving amazingly with skating!  I am so proud of them!  On Sunday we went to the Forks which is where two rivers meet and a great location for various things and one of which being winter fun!  There is a great rink (where they had djs it was cute watching Carter trying to skate and dance!) And a bunch of ice trails that you could skate!  Ariel loved it!  On Monday the kids had skating lessons.  Carter got his first skating injury!  At the very end of the lesson out of nowhere a kid comes and accidentally hits Carter with his hockey stick!  All I see is the stick leaving his face and Carter crying!  :<  Luckily it was a plastic stick and it hit him under the eye not the eye!  He had a pretty big bruise but it is healing quickly. :>  Carter keeps telling us "I have to learn how to skate so I can play hockey!"  If he ends up doing so this may just be his first skating injury!

I also wanted to share a few links to recipes that I have tried lately.  Not sure if I shared but I am doing Slowcooker Mondays.  With skating lessons being at 4:30 and having to prop Carter up for half an hour I am exhausted and we are so hungry when it's done!  I have been trying new recipes.  This Balsamic Chicken was really good and easy you can find it here It was recommended by a friend and than I shared it with another friend who really liked it!  

I love peanut stir frys not sure if you remember but I think I have mentioned it on my blog before how I've been on the hunt for one.  My friend shared on facebook this Asian Sesame Stir Fry and it's sooo good!  I think I may be making it once a week!  Just telling you about it makes me want to make it right now!  You can check it out here.

And I baked something new too, Reese's Peanut Banana Bread!  You can find that recipe here.  We enjoyed it but next time I won't put actual reese pb cups in, I'll just put chocolate chips since there is peanut butter in the batter so I think it would taste better.  :>

With trying new recipes I did have a bad one, not bad but horrible!  I won't give you the link to it but that is part of trying new things right?  Hope yow enjoy these recipe links do you like that I share that?  I did have a friend mention that she did.  I would love to know if you try it!  Oh and did you find something that you think I should try?  Let me know!

Well I am off to spend some time with the hubby!  :>


Cindy C. said...

Beautiful card Anita! Me too, I love that verse, but I know it in Chinese. Did you generated on the computer or is it a stamp?

Tiffany said...

How fun to read all of your fun stories about family and life! Have you started PL or consider it? You would do well with this project! Your card is beautiful, what a lovely sentiment. Perfect bow tie!

Christiana said...

Beautiful card! And that sentiment is so true!

Good Timing said...

Love this car, so pretty. :) Sounds like skating is going well so and so fun! Minus Carters incident, yikes! Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog entry, I really appreciate it.

Emily Leiphart said...

That's a gorgeous wedding card, Anita! It was great reading about the fun you have in the cold with the kids. Enjoy your weekend!

Leigh said...

Lovely card, Anita! Perfect for a wedding!

Trinh said...

Very pretty wedding card, Anita! I love the pretty pink bow. And it sounds like you are having a great winter. I'm a wimp so I would be grumbling the entire time if I had to deal with -40 degree weather!


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