Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hero Arts Flickr Dinner at Scrapfest!

Hi!  Today I want to share more with you about my adventures at Scrapfest2010!  My first post about it is here and my second post is here.  On Saturday night I attended a dinner with my fellow Hero Arts Flickr friends and a few of the Hero ladies, Jennifer McGuire, Shari Carroll, Richel and Carol!  We went to the restaurant Twin City Grill in MOA and had a delicious meal!  And we all had so much fun chatting and getting to know each other better!  I had met all the Hero ladies last year at Scrapfest so it was great to be able to spend time with them again!  They really are wonderful!  It was great to spend time with my HA Flickr friends that I have made friendships with online!  Some I had met already so it was great to see again and lots I met in real life for the first time!  Now I know what you really want to see is some pictures:

I like these photos since they aren't perfect and you can see the conversation and what's going on.  :>

Sarah and me!  Sarah is also a fellow canucker who is super talented and also very lovely! 

We had a card swap!  Do you remember my card I posted on Saturday?  That is one of the ones I brought!

Me and Jennifer McGuire!  Don't even need to tell you how exciting it is to have another photo with her!  She is so fun!  And boy can she!  She is totally a little firecracker!  Also love how I think every time I have seen her she is wearing a dress or a skirt!  Makes me want to get back my dress and skirt ways, in high school I didn't own a pair of jeans, and grade 10 I never wore a pair of pants!  I think having kids changed it for me, they are getting bigger but I still find myself bending over a lot!  LOL!

Kari, Jenn and Linda!  I actually met all 3 of them last year at Scrapfest!  And Linda even met up with me for coffee when she was here in Winnipeg this past spring!  Linda was so kind on Friday morning when I shared with her how I ran out of time and forgot to make a Hero Arts pin, she took one of hers off and gave it to me!  How kind is that?

Shari picking her card from the swap!

Sarah's mom, Sarah and Jennifer!

Me and Shari!  My goodness my love for Shari really grew this weekend!  She is so amazing and kind!  And I love her funny stories!  Spending time with her was so fun and you really feel that your her friend!

 Love this fun photo of Barb, Shari, Sarah and Sarah's mom! 

 Jenn, Me, Barb and Sarah!  These girls are crazy talented and it was great to get to know them so much better!

Kari (Jenn's friend and travel partner!) Me and Jenn!

Here is a photo of all us the Hero Ladies, the flickr ladies and our friends and family!  So many of us!  And what a fun photo! I am sitting in Shari's lap!!!  :>  (Thanks Latrice for emailing it to us!)  

We had a card swap that night!  Here are the beautiful cards I received, do you recognize the first one?

Yes it's a card that Jennifer McGuire made!  :>

And look at this spooky one!

Such a great Halloween card by Ann!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!  I have one more about Sunday....


Dawn T said...

Oh my Anita.... I feel like I was there!!!!!!!!! wonderful post and I am so envious of you getting to actually meet this lovely ladies - one and all.

Jenny said...

Sooo fun!!! love it!! :) :) :) :) :)

Sarah J Moerman said...

Love seeing your pics, Anita! I downloaded and saved a bunch of them. :) Thanks so much for posting. I'm having post trip blues and am glad to relive it all through your posts. :)

Anne said...

Hi Anita! It sure was a great weekend and it was so fun to meet you and all the other Hero Arts groupies and your girlfriends! You are sooo fun and hope to get to see you next year too!

Hugs, Anne

Deirdre said...

Great photos - looks like you all had a blast. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos Anita. You all look very beautiful in them.

Alice said...

awwww... i wish i could be there.... so glad that you had a great time. thanks for sharing the fab photos and cards!! =) have a wonderful weekend!

Virginia L. said...

I was so envious... and I still AM!!!!!!!

stampingandstitching said...

Another wonderful post about ScrapFest, Anita! Sounds like you had such a fun evening! Thanks for sharing all the fab photo and I loved seeing the brilliant cards you got in the swap!

Deirdre said...

So fab - love the cards ... envious!

Chark said...

fun! love your pics from all the days and great projects too...tfs!


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