Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day at Scrapfest!

Hi everyone!  I am home from Scrapfest and so happy to be home!  I had an amazing time and am so happy that I went but it's great to be back with my sweethearts!  They don't seem to be wanting to spend the day in my lap so while they play I will tell you about my weekend at Scrapfest!  I tried to get a lot of photos so you could get a good idea of Scrapfest!

I went to Scrapfest which was at Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN with three of my good friends, Kate, Marie and Sophie.  Do you think they we remembered to take a photo of the 4 of us?  Sadly not.  :<  We left bright and early at 7 am for the 7 to 8 hour drive since we wanted to hit the outlet mall on the way in.  We stopped in Fargo to go to Hobby Lobby and Micheals.  Where we got such great deals!  I got a border punch I was looking for, so thrilled when I found the pink ATG gun (in Canada the craft stores sell a knock off) Marie got a Cinch!  Oh the crafty finds! And a bunch of other things. We went back on the road for Minneapolis, or so we thought.  After driving for about 3 1/2 hours it occurs to us we haven't seen any sings for Minneapolis so we pull in to the first gas station.  We had arrived at Sioux Falls, South Dakota!!!!  We were only miles from Iowa!  Crazy!  The guy at the gas station tells us that we aren't all that far off course, about 2 1/2 hours.  Well it turned out to be 5 hours!!!  We did not hit the outlet mall that day!  And arrived at our hotel at 9:30!  That was a long drive!  We had a GPS and it kept telling us to turn right but we had thought it was wrong since when we looked right there was no highway since it was being repaired.  And the GPS got annoying with it's "wrong" directions so we turned it off.  We all handled it well and enjoyed telling everyone about it!

On friday morning we arrived bright and early to Scrapfest and while waiting in line I ran into a bunch of my flickr friends!  It was nice to chat in line together and than we went to the Hero Arts booth together.  Here are some photos from that:

Some ladies making the make and take, a pretty card!

Shari working on a power pint presentation!  I love Shari she is such a sweetheart!

Me making the make and take!

Classic Jennifer!

Jennifer showing how to make the card!!!!

After Linda, Sarah, Sarah's mom, Anne, Barb, Jenn and Kari and I finished making the Hero Arts card we broke up since a few of them had a class and Linda and I went together to a few make and takes.  The first one we did was Unity.  I will share the photos I did take of the booths so you get an idea of what Scrapfest is like!  Here is some of Unity, they had a beautiful display.

Next I hit the Basic Grey booth.  The ladies at Basic Grey were so nice!  Basic Grey had a different card everyday and used the same 12 by 12 sticker sheet for it and on Sunday the last day of Scrapfest who ever did the make and take got to take the rest of the sticker sheet home!  Here is some of Basic Grey:

A lot of the booths had beautiful display!  It made waiting in the lines enjoyable just starting at all the gorgeous layouts and cards!

After a few make and takes I had my first class!!  Which was Color Your World with Hero Arts taught by the amazing Jennifer McGuire!  I just made it to the class on time, I got lost!  Thankfully my wonderful Flickr friends who were also taking the class saved me a spot! Here is Sarah and I before the class started!

Aren't we cute?  Sarah is so kind and fun!  Loved meeting you Sarah!

Trying to take photos while trying to make the 3 cards in the fast paced class wasn't the easiest!  Here is Jennifer teaching, she walks around a lot and talks loudly making her a great teacher!

Shari!  Always smiling!

Anne happy and smiling so her!  And Barb concentrating on her card!!!

I loved the display at Making Memories.  I only went to there make and take on Friday since they were doing a Halloween card everyday.  Some booths so the same make and take all 3 days, and some do different ones everyday, or even change it during the day!  There was a large picture display showing the make and takes the different booths did or you could ask them which is what I did.  Here is the fun display at Making Memories:

I loved seeing all the clothes they made with the slice!  My friend Sophie told me that I could iron interfacing to fabric and than run it through her cricket and make shapes also!  And I could do it with the dies that I have also.  I always intend to do this and don't so I am going to force myself!  You know, I should just have another baby think of all the cute onsies I could make!  I wonder if that excuse would work on my husband, somehow I don't think so!

After a full day of Scrapfest fun on Friday Sophie, Marie Kate and I went shopping!  We hit a local mall and I got some cute clothes!  And shoes!  I was happy!  Well that is my first day of Scrapfest!  I will write more later!


Virginia L. said...

Wow, Anita! Looks like you had a TON of fun! I'm sorry that that drive took you longer than you had planned, but it's so worth it, right!? I was drooling with the sights that you saw and people that you had met! Stamping friends are the best, right!? TFS!!

shawnte said...

thanks so much for sharing your scrapfest experience. the story of getting lost even with a gps is hilarious. can't wait to read what happened on your second day at scrapfest!

Ayana Posadas said...

Oh, wow... these pics look like so much fun! So glad you had a great time! :)

stampingandstitching said...

Wonderful post Anita and for those of us who couldn't go you've given such a great feel for what it's like! Yikes a 5 hour detour - just as well you had a brilliant weekend to look forward to! Looking forward to the next installment!

Barb said...

So fun to relive it all again through your photos, Anita! I adored meeting you! You are such a sweetie! You have an infectious personality that just makes everything more fun! Glad you shared your pics and I'll be back to see more! Love ya! :)

Kathy (krolski) said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! Looks like you all had a blast! Wish I could have met you all!

Alice said...

awww... this looks like so much fun!!! so jealous that you get to go! thanks so much for the cute photos, Anita! i LOVE seeing them! can't wait to see more! =)

Lin said...

Holy cow, girl, you made me tired just reading this! Loved all your pictures and descriptions, loved seeing you and Sarah! Can't wait to see what else you have planned to share with us!

Dawn T said...

Anita.... lovely post... I feel like I was there.... giggled at you and your friends getting lost111 Those GPS's are frustrating sometimes - but do know the way! Glad you had such a lovely time

Jenny said...

Sooo fuN! im jealous!! wish i could have been there! maybe next year! :) :) :) :)

Sarah J Moerman said...

Great pics, Anita! It was SO good to meet you! I'm having Scrapfest withdrawal. :(

Char Dobson said...

Looks like a wonderful time! :)

ivy said...

fantastic pictures! looks like you had a blast!!


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