Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

Today is my son's first birthday! I can't believe that a year has gone by so quickly! The first year is such an amazing year a baby grows and changes so much! I still remember his birth vividly happily because it was such a wonderful birth! I want to post this here for him:

Carter your one already! How it makes me tear up! I still remember your birth and how wonderful it was. So quickly, going to the hospital thinking several hours to go only to find out I was 10 cm already! And 15 minutes later you were in my arms! And what an adorable newborn you were! All the nurses commented on how cute you were and how much you looked like a boy! From the first time your sister Ariel saw you she has loved you and have been happy you were here! As you have grown you delight in her just as much as she delights in you! You smile as soon as you see her and "talk" to her! Once you learnt how to crawl often you would crawl to her room when she would be sleeping! You have been such a wonderful baby, so happy and content. Once you learnt how to smile you did it all the time! Grandma R would always comment on how you were always smiling! Friends and strangers always comment on what a great baby you are, although the number one comment is your big blue eyes! Lately you have been an explorer baby and loves getting into everything! I look forward to enjoying you while your still my baby, watching you grow into a boy and than a man. I look forward to raising you to be a warrior of God and to accomplish your destiny. I am so happy that you are my son and that you are part of this family it wouldn't be the same without you!

Right after Carter's birth!

Just before taking him home!

Ariel loving her baby brother! So happy that
he is here!

Carter a few weeks old!
Looking back at the pictures of when Carter was a newborn it really hits home how fast time goes! Today we will just celebrate as a family. On saturday we are having a big party at the park for him! I am working on some "things" for his party and will of course share it here on my blog!


Jane said...

how SWEET!!! They grow so fast!!


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