Friday, May 10, 2013

Kids Mother's Day Crafts with video!

Hello!  I am happy to share two kid friendly Mother's Day Crafts on my blog today!  I am sharing these crafts on a local television show here in Winnipeg, Breakfast Television!  If your stopping by here from the show welcome!

So happy to share that the clip is on Youtube so all my crafty friends from all over the world can watch!  On pprevious times we have been on it hasn't been on youtube so this is great!  You can watch it here.

The first craft to share if the Tissue paper flowers!

Aren't they pretty?

These flowers are similar to tissue paper pom poms if you've ever made those!  Here is what you need:

Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaners

1.  Cut tissue paper into 5 by 7 rectangles.  Stack 15 pieces together (any less it won't be full enough)

2.  Accordion fold the tissue from the long side.  Twist end of pipe cleaner around the middle of tissue paper.  Cut edges either round, or pointy.  Carefully from the top pull each piece of tissue paper up and slowly work down fluffing each piece!  

Another craft that we shared is a candle decorated by the child!  This craft is fun and a nice touch to have in the home!

Supplies needed:

Light colored candle
Tissue paper
Acrylic Paints
Wax Paper
Blow Drier

1.  Cut tissue paper slightly smaller than candle.  Place wax paper under tissue paper and have child paint picture onto tissue paper.  You can also color tissue paper with markers but this need to be done carefully as to not rip tissue paper (painting is a lot easier)  

2.  Let picture dry.  Wrap tissue paper painting around candle, also wrap wax paper too,.  Heat blow drier onto candle, as you do this you can see the tissue paper melt and the painting adhere to the candle!  This part should be done by an adult as it can get hot!  And there you go!

Here are some photos from today!

 Thanks for stopping by!


Annette Allen said...

aww what sweet Mother's day gifts..

joy said...

Love the tissue paper flowers, Anita! I am going to check out your video on youtube.

Nat said...

yay Anita!! totally awesome you & your daughter were on BT!! going now to try and find the you tube video :) happy mothers day to you !!

Nat said...

I watched the video at , so exciting! these flowers are wonderful :)

Cindy C. said...

How sweet!! Happy Mother's Day Anita!!

Dawn T said...

great crafty project Anita. So glad I was able to see the video this time. You were fabulous and Ariel was so sweet. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Good Timing said...

What great crafts, you TV star, you!

Therese Franziska said...

Your video is seeing you with your sweet.and you have such a charmful attitude!!thanks for sharing,

Trinh said...

Beautiful flowers and I love that candle idea! So awesome that you and your daughter get to experience this together!

Wida said...

Super cute idea, love the flowers, especially how poofy they are


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