Tuesday, January 29, 2013

u plus me!

Hello my Crafty Friends!  :>  I started to write this post but than life got in the way.  Do you ever have days like that?  I took the photo of my card today beside a window and a door and even opened the door to get better lighting.  (the neighbors dog barking loudly at me didn't bother me, I needed that light to get a good photo!)  Than I looked at the time and it was time to leave since I was having lunch with a friend:

It was wonderful to have lunch with her, it's been a bit since we've hung out but it was like old times!  She is a great friend to have!  :>  Than I went to Chapter's (bookstore) and on the newsstand saw 3 magazines that I have 5 cards in:

And may have done the happy dance!  It doesn't get old at all!  :>  Than I was good and resisted buying anything at the Children's Place even though there is crazy sales and my kids don't seem to stop growing.  But I plan to go back I mean I really should have got Carter that Lego Ninjago shirt since it's so cute and he wants to wear his Ninjago sweatshirt ALL THE TIME (which we had to buy since he would not let us not buy it lol) Since my LSS was so close to the mall I went there next, I was on a mission to get enamel dots!  Which I did:

Does not my LSS look awesome?  Than I went home to get Chad and we went to pick up the kids from school.  Where we told them the exciting news "We are going to go Sledding!" (it's finally only minus 12 C not the minus 45 C of last week we can go sledding!) And were met with NO I DON"T WANT TO DO THAT!  Chad had to wrestle with Carter to put his snowpants on and when Chad won Carter cried very loudly (in the nice Christian school) that he didn't want to go sledding!  The staff in the office and teacher's around did find it quite funny that he was crying about having to go sledding.  And even though I told Chad to take a photo of Carter crying I think maybe he didn't really think I was serious.  But I was I mean really a 4 year old boy sobbing with tears running down his face over not wanting to sled?  We had a great time anyways and another friend  and her daughter joined us:

Ariel really got into it and didn't want to leave:

Carter pouted and cried most of the sledding time.  But since he stood near the top of the toboggan run I may have just put him on the sled and pushed him down anyways!  Several times and even got a photo:

And even though I begged Carter and pleaded with him about how every year mommy gets a cute photo of you and Ariel outside with your hats on he would not pose for that photo!  Than we went home practiced piano, ate dinner (I was tired so I may have fed them a frozen pizza, with cut up veggies on the side!) and played, bathed them and danced to Carter's favorite Justin Beiber song!  :>  Now the kids are sleeping and I can share my card!  I finally found in my stash Untitled Heart by Hero Arts and quickly made this very CAS love card!

I finally used for the first time my Chevron's embossing folder by Sizzix and Hero Arts!  I love it and really must try to use it more!  :>  I also made my own sentiment with my Hero Arts Typrwriter letter's set!  :>  Added a hot item I noticed last week and may have gone out and bought two days in a row, Sequins!  I NEED MORE!  :>  By the way whenever I see or use u & me it makes me think of Chad and me!  :>  So lucky to have a wonderful hubby like him!  :>

Well that's it for me!  I am off to lay on the couch and read my most interesting book and relax after such a fun busy day!


Barb said...

You've had a full, fun day, Anita - love all the cute photos and your card is so sweet! :)

Taheerah said...

lol sounds like you had a very fun day Anita! Love the photo of your LSS and reading about you spying your magazines on the shelves - we don't sell them over here so I never get to see mine until they arrive through the door! Great card, love the sequins, I really must try that!!

Jingle said...

Your card is really cute!

Miriam Prantner said...

Loving that embossing folder! Looks like a great day! I wish we had enough snow to go sledding!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Love your fun Valentine, Anita! And what an entertaining sledding story - glad you had fun!!

Dawn T said...

what a full on day Anita. Poor Carter! I bet that in the end he really did enjoy it. Your card is delightful. Love the embossing folder.

Anonymous said...

OMG - a kid not wanting to sled??Too funny, definately a scrappage!
I wish we had a scrapstore like yours, we don't have anything closer than 40 miles, which might be a good thing too!!

We are at 9 degrees F right now but suppose to get to -25 with windchills down to -20 so it will be super cold in Minnesota tonight. Stay warm!


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