Tuesday, October 30, 2012

kids Halloween Crafts!

Hello my Crafty Friends!  If you are looking for the Freckled and Fun Deck the Halls blog hop please click here.  Today Ariel and I were on Breakfast television again doing kids Halloween Crafts!  I was so excited to be asked back!  I think it went quite well!  Ariel was a bit shy it takes her a bit to warm up to someone or something new!  If you would like to watch the video please click HERE!  I don't know if the video is available to all but here is a photo from the show of us crafting:

I wanted to share here the crafts that we did starting with the Googly Eye Halloween picture frame:

What you need:

Craft Wooden Frame (I got mine at Michael's it was cheap at $1.50 and they have lots)
Acrylic Paint either light green or light purple
Lots of different sized Googly Eyes
White Glue

This frame is a lot of fun to make!  Well anything with googly eyes is fun to make!  Have your child paint the frame and set aside to dry.  When it's dry glue googly eyes all of it!  This craft is good for various aged children as I helped Ariel glue the eyes on and an older child could do it themselves.  If you want it super easy just paint the glue on and put the eyes on the wet painted glue!

Egg Carton Spider

What you need:

Egg carton
Googly Eyes
Black paint
Pipe cleaners

I love crafts that you can use items that would otherwise be recycled or thrown away!  I especially love egg carton crafts as you always have eggs in the house!

For this craft cut apart the egg carton (this should be done by the parent) and have your child paint it black, let dry and than the parent poke wholes along the sides and have the child put in pipe cleaners and bend them to make legs!  Than glue the googly eyes on!

And the craft that I shared on the show, Lollypop spiders:

What you need:

Round Lollypops
4 Black Pipecleaners

Googly Eyes
White Glue

1.  Center the pipe cleaner on the lollipop stick and tightly twist them, repeat 4 times to make 8 legs.
2.  Glue on googly eyes
3. Bend legs to make spider!

There you go!  I hope it inspires you to create with your kids!


Virginia L. said...

SUPAH clever ideas, Anita!! I see these success showings will become a new favorite segment on your TV station....Can "Crafting with Anita" Show will be far behind??? Congrats!!!!

Vera Yates (Ling) said...

How awesome! I watched the video and you and Ariel are so cute! Love your neat ideas.

stamplover2011 said...

Awesome job!! So proud and happy for you!! Way to go!! :)

Lynn said...

Seriously...beyond adorable!!

Dawn T said...

Delightful crafts Anita. Wish I could see the two of you on the TV.

Joy said...

WOW! that is awesome news Anita, you talented lady you...unfortunately because of where I live I could not watch your video..but wanted to say congrats..hugs

Lindsey said...

Talented and famous, too! What a fun video.

Ruby Craft said...

What fun projects for kids! I must admit that seeing that picture frame has me wanting to go shopping for googly eyes! Hope you don't mind that I pinned it. Couldn't resist!

Maureen Morton said...

You are such a natural, Anita! I see a DIY network series in your future. Cute projects and great job!

jennfontaine said...

Three super fun projects! Way to go! That's so great that Ariel will have these fun memories with you!


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