Thursday, September 13, 2012

Masculine Fall Card and Carter's First Day of Preschool!

Hello my Crafty Friends!  Hope your having a great week, I don't know where's it gone!  Today is Thursday which means I shared a card on the Scrapbooking Cafe Online's blog!  :> 

 A fall masculine card!  So love playing with dies!  For more details please check it out here.

Well Carter started Preschool yesterday!  Not sure when my baby boy grew up to be old enough to be going to Preschool!  We've been chatting up preschool for a while now and about good behavior there too.  He is attending preschool at the same Christian private school that Ariel attends!  It's an amazing school and it's great to be able to do one drop off and pickup!  It's a full day preschool and he will attend 2 days a week.  I will be going to work with Chad those days, it's great to be able to focus on work!  :>  In the morning he was a bit nervous and unhappy that I was making him wear jeans.  He wanted to wear shorts, he is having a hard time giving up shorts but it's cool so he can't wear that!  So there was a bit of crying over the jeans but he just needs to get used to wearing it again!  When we dropped him off he hung back and watched.   When we picked him up they told us that he did amazing and listened and did everything he should!  What happy news that is!  We had to buy a yoga mat for quiet time and when I picked him up I asked him how quiet time went, and he said "We didn't do any exercises!"  HA LOL!  I told the teacher what he said and she said "He was kicking and moving lots and I told him not to do it"  So funny how Carter knew what the yoga mat was for!  LOL  He told us that he loves school and was not impressed that he couldn't go today!  :>  Here is some photos:

He didn't want to smile:

Doesn't he look nervous?

School is tiring, on the way home:

What a successful day for him!  :>  So happy he did so well and loved it!  :>  Well that's it for me!  I am going to try to get creative today!  :>


Lynn said...

I love the pictures...especially the one where he is completely crashed! So cute and time two months my oldest will get his temporary driver's license. Crazy!

Now...onto your card...all kinds of gorgeous Anita!!

jennfontaine said...

That's great that Carter loved school so fun! Too funny about the yoga mat! lol! He was sure wiped out after such a big day!

Great card! So "simple" but stunning at the same time!

Brenda said...

Oh gosh Anita! That last photo just cracks me up, it is so precious! Love your masculine card too!

~Tammy~ said...

Beautiful card! Love the text!

what a successful day is right! Two thumbs up!

Annette Allen said...

aww what sweet photos...too cute...your card is amazing.

Katie said...

That last picture is SO cute. I love the rest of them too. (Maybe the teachers should have the students do a few relaxing stretches to get the wiggles out for quiet time)
Such a cute little guy, with such a sweet personality.

Katie said...

I forgot to even mention...your card is perfect! Love it!

Dawn T said...

gorgeous card and what a cutie Carter is. He'll love the pre-school. Sounds like he needs it the stimulation.

Kara Lynne said...

I love those wonderful pictures of Carter! He is so expressive! So glad you love your school too. Great masculine birthday card!

Trinh said...

Awww, such a big boy! Love the shot of him snoozing. And I love your masculine card in the fall colors!


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