Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project 365 my way, Week 1!!!

Hello!  And here we are at the end of another weekend! I've decided to start blogging about my week with the kiddies on Sundays. We have all sorts of fun over here and it would be nice to document it!  Especially with Ariel being in grade 1 and fulltime school next year it would be good to capture my stay at home life with them!  I've noticed that I wasn't taking as many pictures of my family so it's another part of my reason!  I've seen all sorts of other bloggers do it, like the wonderful Libby and loved the idea.  It's not the start of the year but better late than never. 

Monday we stayed home all day!  I love Mondays as Ariel doesn't have school and we usually just hang out at home, relax, play and catch up on things!!  While I was doing something Ariel set up crafts for her and Carter on the coffee table!  That is her current purse, they keep getting bigger!  And as you can see Ariel is almost always wearing a princess dress (this is a fairy) at home or so weird combination outfit she made.

Tuesday Ariel had school and Carter and I hung out at home. That night we enjoyed a nice family night on the couch!  :>  Wednesday we went to Stay and Play.  It's at our church and I volunteer a lot!  My kids love it.  I realized that I have never taken pictures of my kids there and it's a big part of our lives.  We go almost every week.  And this is Ariel's last year going (sob!)  I enjoy it as a bunch of my friends go to, and I've made more friends there!  This week when we arrived 3 of Ariel's classmates were there and they all screamed out Ariel and ran to her!  How sweet!  Here are some pics, at the snack table:


I took Ariel's friend Katya home with us for the afternoon as her mom had some appointments and asked if I could.  I didn't mind at all!  The girls played so well all afternoon and had a blast!
 Thursday we stayed home and played together all day.  The kids had a lot of fun playing in the snow we have left, here they are making a cake:
Ariel had ballet that evening and she burst into tears 3 times!  It was hard to see and understand, she said she didn't know why she was crying.  I think she may have been tired!  That night after ballet I went out by myself and went shopping.  I went to a scrapbook store on the other side of town and enjoyed hearing that the owner was getting into stamping!  And I picked up a 6 by 6 My Mind's Eye paper pack.  I find it hard to find 6 by 6 paper packs here!  :>  And I also found some cute new shirts for Spring!  :>

Friday was the last day of school before Spring break!  Chad called me and asked if I wanted to pick Ariel up for lunch and go to McDonald's with her cousins!  So we did but first I had to get some photo's of Chad and Carter in there new shirts of daddy's favorite NFL team!

Carter is so sweet!  :>  His cousins were dressed in there daddys' favorite team too!

 Fun fact Carter is 6 months younger than the cousin to his right and 2 1/2 years younger than the cousin to his left!  My kids are tall!  :>

Friday night Chad and I enjoyed a date night!  We went for dinner and a movie.  It's been too long!  :>  Saturday we enjoyed a day at home.  Did some grocery shopping and I may have gone to Michael's!  :>  Sunday we started with church and than some friends came over for brunch.  I made this yummy oh so easy pull apart cinnamon bun bake.  I realized that brunch is a great idea to have friends over, Chad does all the cooking!  He cooked the eggs, the bacon, the hash browns and sausages!  :>  Our friends hung out for most of the afternoon and my friend and I went shopping.  I got the cutest new top!  Hmmm I did a lot of shopping this weekend.  Well it's spring! Here we are all crammed in my dining room, I so need a bigger table!

And there is my week!  I realized that I am not in a single picture!  Well I will fix that next week.  I should have taken some photo's of my new tops, lol!  I hope you enjoyed this look into my life!


Tiffany Ervin said...

Always love to see you document your family life! In fact, Project 365 really is a great idea, it reminds me that I certainly don't take as many personal photos as I would like to, it's always cards, cards! I need to take my boy out for some camera shoots now, thanks for sharing!!

Dawn T said...

What a neat idea to document your week Anita,... imagine in years to come you can come back to read this.... and what lovely photos of the family. thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

cute way to doment the everyday moments and adventures. I keep saying I'm going to follow each kid for a day for a LO and never get around to it. Love your daughter in the costume. I found my boys dressed up playing in Matt's room at 7AM yesterday, one cowboy and one fire fighter.. too cute!

Robin K. said...

Hi Anita! I really enjoyed seeing the pics of your family :) One of my friends who lives out-of-state does a similar weekly wrap-up on her blog. She recently let her 10 year old take the pictures and it was so much fun seeing their week through his eyes!

Nat said...

great pics of the family Anita, you need to get in these photos too they are such special memories! Have a great day!! hugs to you :)


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