Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Embossed and Patterned Paper Card Set

Hello!  Hope where you are it's warmer than here!  Today it is a shocking minus 43 with windchill!  Apparently at 3 am a city more north from here in our province was the coldest place on earth!  Needless to say that when Chad heard that he decided that it was much too cold for Ariel to go to school!  He said it's early dismissal anyways so it's not a full day.  I think what may have motivated him was that he can work from home!  He ended up having to go out anyways but he came back as fast as he could!  The kids haven't left the house since Sunday morning when we went to church.  They are starting to get a little stir crazy so I think tomorrow we will be going to stay and play no matter what, we need to get out!  I have been cleaning, preparing great meals, crafting and yesterday I baked some blueberry muffins and peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Today I have a card set to share.  I don't know if you remember but I made the decision this year to work on card sets every month so that I have them on hand.  I am going to work on using them as gifts or part of gifts for friends and family.  And for teacher gifts!  I really enjoy making card sets by the way!  My blogging friend Ivy liked this idea so much she is going to do it too!  Make sure to check her out here and see what she made, and leave her some love too!  If anyone wants to join in please do!  I think card sets make great gifts but leaving it to the last minute it never gets made!  Here is the one I made:

I took a photo of the other 3 but it won't load right!

I made these cards in one evening.  Working with patterned paper makes it faster and an easy way to pick your colors.  I used the same piece of pp it was double sided, I couldn't decide which side I liked best so I went with half of the one side and half of the other side!  I embossed the flower in black and white on the pp, tied some baker's twine by The Twinery around it and added a scallop edge.  Make sure to check out Ivy's card set too!

I have been enjoying receiving mail lately from a few of my flickr friends!  It's so fun to get a handmade card in the mail!  :>  Here they are in the order I received them:

From Greta:

 I love all the border punches and that big silver bow!

From Dawn:

I love the soft colors and the glitter!  :>

From Vicky:

This card is so creative!

And today I received this one from Alice!

So lucky am I!  Thank you so much ladies!  I enjoy receiving them as do my hubby and Ariel!  :>  I hope you all have a great week.  I hope it warms up a bit I need to get out!


Ann said...

Yikes, that is COLD!!! I'm ready for spring...how 'bout you?

These card sets are fabulous! I love the embossing on top of the pp!

Barb said...

Anita, I do believe the weather you're having is suppose to head this way in the next day or two. Crazy why we live where we do! I keep asking my hubby, "When are we moving to Florida?!" Love your fabulous, colorful card set! And so fun to get mail from Flickr friends! Stay warm, my friend!

Tracey said...

Anita I am sooo lovin' these cards sets...I sooo need to do this too!! Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda said...

Oh Anita! That is really cold! I hope it passes soon so that you and your family can regain your sanity and get out a bit! Great idea to be more prepared with gifts! Great card set! And great to have received so many wonderful cards from your Flickr family!

ivy said...

fabulous set here anita! i never thought to stamp directly ontop of PP!
your neck of the woods and mine, had a 40* difference today! Brrrrr!

Alice said...

what a wonderful idea to have card sets made and ready! i wanted to give out card sets for holidays every year, but they never gets made... maybe i should try this! =) LOVE your beautiful set! thanks for sharing the cards you received, too! =)

Alice said...

stay warm! =)

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really cold!! Stay warm :) Such gorgeous card sets Anita!

Dawn T said...

Oh my goodness,... that is COLD.... and here am I sweating in a humid 24 degrees C ( that's around 75 degrees F) Your card set is great... what a great idea. With little ones, you need to have these sets for teachers, etc.
Hope the weather improves and you can get the kids out for a bit

Angi Barrs said...

Love your card set. Wonderful idea and makes it great to already have handmade cards handy. I need to do this myself.

Wow...minus 43...brrrr. Hope you guys get warmer weather soon. And thank you for the sweet comment you left for me yesterday. :)

Cheryl said...

This is a gorgeous set of note cards!

Judy1223 said...

Wow, Anita! I love this set and I love the idea of making a set each month. You and Ivy are onto something here! Great embossing...love that flower!

Anonymous said...

Love your card sets, such a great idea to have them on hand. I'm in NY and we are having one of our warmest winters ever. Stay warm up there!


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