Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Chad!

Hello!  Hope that you are all enjoying June!  The past few days have been a bit busy!  Last Wednesday I had a few friends with their kids come over.  I cleaned up my whole house and even my dining table where I craft.  I have a long plastic drawer shelf in the corner where I store most of my craft stuff.  It only took me 15 minutes to clean up my dining table which is nice, and makes it no excuse for how I sometimes let it get away on me!  A few minutes after my friends arrive Carter goes to the dining room which is fine, but than seriously only seconds later we hear a big noise and crash and Carter crying!  I guess he tried to open a drawer but it requires more of a tug and the whole thing fell!  His foot was stuck underneath!  He cried and we cuddled but he didn't cry long!  Carter loves to play with my craft supplies, today it took me 10 minutes to find my stamp!

On Thursday I went with Ariel and her preschool class on a field trip to the farm.  It was so much fun the kids had a blast petting lots of animals and learning!  But wow does a farm field trip wear you out!  I was as tired and worn out as I was with a newborn baby!  The weekend was crazy I shopped (went a little crazy and bought Ariel 4 new summer dresses, but they were on sale!)hung out with some friends, went to a volunteer brunch, kids birthday party that involved swimming (fun but does a pool ever zap your energy!) went to a kids festival with Ariel and ended sunday with dinner at Olive Garden!

The best part of the weekend was that on saturday it was my husband Chad's birthday!  Here is the card I made him (yes there is a card in this post!):

I did something simple (I was lucky to find time!) I am pleased with the layout of this card it came to me as I was driving and thinking of how I am tired of making manly cards!  (I still have a few Father's Day cards to share!) I thought of making him a girly card.  I may have made a girly birthday card for him.  Than I realized I better make him a good cards since he pretty much pays for all my supplies!  All Hero Arts on this card!

With it having been Chad's birthday I thought I would do a "shout out" to him!  I love you so much Chad!  Thank you for being my husband, thank you for being a wonderful husband.  Thank you for being so laid back to well my "energetic" personality.  Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our kids.  I love that you are so into them like me.  That we often say to each other let's go see them sleeping and go and look at them or even cuddle them while they sleep!  Thank you for working so hard to support our family that I can stay at home with our children.  And thank you for passing such great genes onto our children because well they are gorgeous!  I am blessed to be your wife, I love you! 

I know I share photos often but I took some good ones this weekend, although sadly not at the farm since the memory thingy was attached to the computer from me well loading cards!  Opps!  Anyways:

Ariel at the festival, I just love this dress!  Oh and my plan is to make some fabric flowers for this headband.  I just need to actually make them!

Ariel loved all the crafts at the festival!

Dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate Chad's birthday!

Carter and me, I love his face!  (and seriously everyone says he looks like Chad but really he looks like me here!)

Yeah I think maybe Carter really enjoyed his food!

And this was the smile that Carter started to make whenever I took the camera out!

I plan to be back a few more times this week with some cards to share!  I was also thinking of doing a giveaway with some fabric flowers, would anyone be interested?


Dawn T said...

Anita... thank you so much for sharing your life with us.... I just love reading your blog as you are so full of life... loving your family and just being a happy person!!! Happy Birthday to Chad. ( great time of the year to be born) Your card for him is so peaceful looking.

Barb said...

I love this post, Anita! So fun to see you and your beautiful family! Your kids are so darn cute! Happy birthday to your hubby! Love the card you made for him! Bet he did too! :)

Alice said...

very pretty masculine card!! love the design! thanks for sharing the adorable photos of your kids, too!! they are so cute!! =)

Sarah J Moerman said...

Fabulous card and wonderful family pics, Anita! :)

Tiffany Ervin said...

Oh my gosh, this card ROCKS! It is the perfect manly card! Love what you did with it, very subtle and I like how you left the ribbon just one strip and nothing else.

Glad Carter is ok, goodness!! Stuff like that always scares the day out of me! Love seeing all of your wonderful family photos, so precious!

Tami H said...

What a great man it! You have such a beautiful family!

Karen B. said...

Fantastic masculine card, with just enough details to make it special. Love the colors too! What wonderful pictures of your family as well.

Jill said...

It is always a pleasure to come read what you and your family has been up too--and these photos of your kiddos--A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!!! Love your card as well! Such a nice masculine card. Great design and overall layout!

Courtney Baker said...

Super cute! I just love that smile! Great card too!

Kathy (krolski) said...

I love your photos Anita! The kids are beautiful! And your card is very nice too! So nice to hear about your darling husband. Happy Birthday to Chad!

alexandra s.m. said...

Great card and fun post ;-)


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