Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello!  I am back with a few Valentines cards to share!  This week has been a great week!  The weather has been beauitful so I have been out and about.  Today you all would have had a great laugh if you had seen me and my friends sitting on the side of a snow covered hill sledding with our children.  There were 4 of us mom's with 12 kids, 3 of whom were babies.  One baby was in her carseat, another was being nursed, and my son was in his sled.  All the mom's were sitting exhausted as were half the children telling us they were done, we felt like we had just got there! Dressed them all up drove across the city to a good hill and your done already?  I told them this is really funny it would make a good picture, but no one wanted to stand up and take a picture!  Than we went to McD's for lunch and that was fun undressing them in a playarea filled with people!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!  I love being a stay at home mommy!

Today I have some cards to share for Winter's card drive for more info click here  I read about it on January 2nd and was so excited about it!  I love what she is doing especially mostly that she is following what she felt God telling her to do!  She started off collecting Valentines Day cards for the children of St Jude's hospital but has reached that and is now collecting for Texas Children's Hospital!  Right away I started to make some cards than took forever to send them.  I sent them a few days ago but sadly my husband just came home with them, apparently I was 82 cents short, not too happy about that as I went in to the post office and everything to send them!  They told me that it could take 4 to 6 days to reach Texas where I am sending them so hopefully they will make it there in time!  I will be back at the post office tonight! 

Here they are:

I actually made 4 but forgot to take a picture of the last one.  I used some Valentines Day paper I have from last year by K and Company.  I don't have too much Valentines stamps and such so I went with what I have.  The cards are to be for both girls or boys so I didn't use any glitter, ribbon or flowers!  Although I did make the butterfly one before I read that!

I want to share some photos of my kids when I took them sledding the other day just down the street onto the lake.  The night before we had a Hoar Frost where all the trees are white, soo beauitful!  You can kind of see it in the photos.  The lake and where we sled:

Yes we do need more snow!  My two all bundled up! (Yes Carter is wearing a pink scarf, I still need to get him his own!  Oh well better to be warm!)  You can also see some of the trees!

About to go down!

Well I better go and get some supper on the table!  I am going to my friends place tonight to stamp and hang out!  She has a stamp room which is filled to the brim!  I know you all understand my excitement!


Dawn T said...

Anita... what a fun day with the children and all your friends.... Nice winter days can be such fun,.. Your two look so cute all rugged up.
Love the cards you have made. and enjoy the fun time stamping with your friend. I love going to stamp club and stamping with others.

Pajalu said...

Your cards are beautiful. Snow sounds like such fun & looks pretty too :). You have two very cute kids. Enjoy the snow, here in Australia its in the mid 30's (celcius) & very humid xoxoxoxo

Lin said...

What a fun day you had! Enjoy, your little angels will be all grown up in a flash! Your cards are lovely; I'm sure they will be appreciated by the children. My favorite is the first one with the butterfly and the striped heart - just lovely!

Virginia L. said...

I adore your style, Anita! Love all three cards and each one of them is crafted with love! What great photos of your kids and the surroundings of your area! Thanks for sharing the winter fun! I remember those day when I had to bundle them up... go tobogganing..enjoy!!

Alice said...

really pretty card, Anita! love those pretty pinks and your designs!! your babies are so cute all bundled up! thanks for sharing!! =) Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

Your kiddos are SO CUTE! Love those all bundled up pics! :) Your valentines are super sweet and sure to bring smiles! I always love seeing your creations! Hope you have a nice weekend, my friend!


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