Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scrapfest09 Part 2

I had to end my last post early because I couldn't add any more photos! So here is more about my trip! Please read the post under this one first!

Saturday night Marie, Sophie, Tammy and I went for dinner at Tony Romas in MOA. I ended up organzing a dinner with fellow flickr people and a bunch of Hero Arts girls were also able to come! I don't know who was more exciting to meet! Here are some photos:

Jennifer McGuire loving on Latrice's baby! He was soo darling! Just look at those cheeks!

L to R Sophie, Marie and Lizha having good conversation!

Kelly Rasmussen, Tammy Hartley, and Sally!

Me and Jennifer McGuire! She is so awesome! I can't believe I actually met her nevermind have dinner with her!

The whole table!

L to R Lizha, Lizha's daughter (I appologize for not remembering her name!) Lucille, and Kelly
Me and Richel!!! Loved meeting her!

Celebrating Lucille's birthday! How cool to be celebrating your bday with some HA Ladies!

Shari Caroll and Me! She is even nicer than she looks!

L to R: Kelly Rasmussen, Me (anita) Tammy Hartley These sisters are not only talented but super sweet!

Dinner was so much fun! I can't believe how wonderful all the Hero Arts ladies are! At dinner from the flickr group: Lucille K; Sally (Dogwoodmnr); Lizha (lizhaworth) (and her darling daughter!) came and Latrice sat behind us with her hubby and two kids (murphy_latrice) it's her baby that we all adored! From Hero Arts: Jennifer McGuire; Shari Caroll; Kelly Rasmussen; Tammy Hartley; Richel who is new to Hero Arts (and I don't know your last name!) and Caroll (I also don't know your last name!) I sat in between Richel and Jennifer. I want to write the following here so I never forget. Everyone was really awesome. I love reading Jennifer's blog and seeing her work but what overpasses all of it is how wonderful of a person she is! I just met Richel when she was working at the HA both and I sat next to her at dinner but she was so kind and I am so happy to have met her too! Richel you rock and I hope you build and enjoy your new career at Hero Arts! Shari is so funny and is so sweet! I totally enjoyed all her stories especially the one with the floppy boobs! I loved meeting Kelly because I always enjoy seeing her cards! She was so sweet and our kids are almost the same age and same genders which was totally cool! :> Tammy well who doesn't love Tammy? She always has the right thing to say on the flickr group and is so cute and kind! I talked a bit to Carroll but my friends loved you and I enjoyed hearing more about you and wishI got to know you better! :> I know that Sophie, Marie and Tammy also enjoyed meeting you all and very much enjoyed dinner! I also want to let my flickr friendsknow that meeting all of you totally rocked! How cool was it to chat online and comment on each other's cards and finally meet? Celebrating Lucille's birthday was so much fun! Her cheesecake was soo soo good! Dinner with everyone so comfortable and conversation flowed and so did the laughter! We also got to know the HA ladies because they shared with us all sorts of stories! I can't believe it happened! I can't believe how much fun it was and I will always treasure the memory!
On sunday Sophie and I returned to Scrapfest while Marie and Tammy shopped at Target and Ikea. I did the Hero Arts make and take (they had a new card everyday plus I wanted to see Richel and Caroll!) And than I went shopping a bit more! We left Minneapolis around 1 and drove home. The drive went well. We stopped at Target in Fargo where Marie locked her keys in the Suburban! :> The trip was so much fun. Hanging out with Sophie, Marie and Tammy and having some girl time was great. I think we all traveled well! I think Richel said it perfectly to me on Sunday when she told me "You are lucky to have friends like them, there great girls!" She is right I am blessed by your friendship Sophie, Tammy and Marie. Our trip rocked!


Lucille K said...

Hi Anita,
You have done such a nice job of reporting on ScrapFest 09 here. I love all of the wonderful pictures and comments on your blog. Thank you so much for doing this, I am sending the shortcut to all of my friends so they can see what a good time we all had.

I enjoyed meeting you and your friends and hope to see you again at another ScrapFest :)

Lucille xoxo

Kelly Booth said...

How Fun Anita...thanks so much for Sharing...glad you had a Wonderful time!!!

Jane said...

lucky girl!!!!! Wow looks like it was a blast!!!

Diana Foster said...

Sounds like the event was so much fun!

Dawn T said...

Anita, what a lucky girl to have met these amazing HA ladies. I envy you. Plus to have some ME time with your friends is such a bonus when you have little ones.


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