Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo Blocks!

Hello!  Hope your having a great day!  It is so gorgeous here and finally hot!  Yesterday we went and spent the afternoon with a great friend and enjoyed swimming in her amazing backyard pool!  Today I took the kids to a splash park, starting summer off right!

Today I want to share my teacher gifts that I made!  I came up with the idea all on my own!  Go me!  LOL First I'll show you them and than explain them:

I made photo blocks!  I emailed Ariel's music teacher's husband and asked for him to send me a bunch of photos, emailed her teacher's daughter and DIL asked for photos, and emailed the other teacher myself and asked for photos.  Of course when I actually thought of the best way to take a photo it's blurry!

The teacher's loved them!  Perfect for there desk at school or even at home!

I also made one last week for Chad's cousin as a baby present:

I emailed and asked for some baby photos and made this!  I stamped the baby's name and birth details onto a piece of pp with staz on ink!  She loved it!  It's great decor for the baby's nursery!

Now I'll share how I made them.  Most craft stores sell wooden blocks the same size as this.  When I went to get one I was a bit surprised by the price and on the spot came up with the idea to hit a hardware store instead!  I bought a fence post and had them cut them into squares for me!  Usually they cut 3 cuts for free but since I had a car (couldn't fit the post in it) and it was slow they cut me much more!

The mistake I made was buying pressure treated wood I should have bought a solid piece but that's okay!  The cost of the post is the same as the cost of one block at the craft store!  And I can get I am guessing 20 blocks, the ones in the photo are not even half of what he cut for me!  I plan on sending the rest of this post home with a handy friend of Chad's to cut for me!  :>  

Here is how to make this:

1.  Buy a fence post in good quality wood.  Measure end and cut into blocks (Mine are 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches)

2.  Sand edges of blocks really well. (I got Chad to do this part!)
3.  Because you are using real wood you have to use a wood stain on it before painting it your desired color.  Yes this is an extra cost but if you plan to  make many of these blocks for birthday's or Christmas it pays off!  A friend had grey wood stain and let me use it so that worked out well!  Paint and let dry.  I painted mine in the basement.

4.  Sand any drips or rough paint spots.  Now paint your desired color.  I used acrylic paint.  For the pink I had to do two coats, but for the black I only did one.  Let dry.

5.  Print out your pictures and crop to 3.25 (if your block is 3.5) use photos taken at a distance so that your not cutting anyone off!

6.  Apply Mod Podge to all of square and apply photo, put a thin layer of mod podge all over the photo.  I use a brush and only brush it in one direction.  Let dry add another layer.  Let dry.

7. In the garage or a well ventilated area spray with a Clear Finishing Coat I used Kyron Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating! Let dry!  And your done!  

I hope that explains it well!  I enjoyed making this!  And I plan to make more! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

And Gallery Idol is over...

Hello! I want to start off this post by congratulting the Gallery Idol winner Joscelyn Cutchens!  What an amazing card she made with the polariod camera!  Who can compete with a light?  So happy for her!

I want to share that even being part of the 20 for Gallery Idol is something I didn't think I would be.  To have made it all the way to the Top 5 is a huge honor and something I am proud of!  Really proud of!  I feel that I worked hard and did make great cards for this so I have no regrets.  I am beyond thankful and overwhelmed with all your love and support.You have rallied behind me and encouraged me to do my best!  You have been amazing to me!  You've made me feel like the most talented crafty girl in the world!  And with that I am a winner!  :>  Big thank yous!

To my fellow 20's I have absolutely loved getting to know all of you!  Our facebook group has made this even better and less bite my nails and a bag of stress!  It was fun to chat about everything and encourage each other! You are all amazing women who are so talented!  I count myself blessed to be included with you!  I hope we all stay in touch and friends!

I'll be back soon with my teacher gifts, cannot wait to share with you!  :>

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My first cover!

Hello!  I am very excited to be here today to share something amazing, surreal, can't believe it but one of my cards is on the cover of Stamp It by Paper Crafts!

Which one do you think is mine???  

Of course the Newspaper Tulips one!  :>  Do you like it?  You can find more details on page 138!

Last night I had to celebrate:

Yup cheesecake!  Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake!  Yummy!

Getting a card on the cover is beyond something I ever thought possible or even thought of!  This is my first publication in Paper Crafts magazine!  I remember back in February (if I remember correctly) when I finally got a happy email from them!  I cried tears of joy because it was I think my third time trying!  It felt so unattainable and I am really glad that the rejection didn't put me off. Than in April when I received the email that my card was going to be on the cover I sat by my laptop in my kitchen at my island in shock.  It felt surreal from the top of my head to my toes!  I cried and was just plain surprised!  I have always loved and bought Stamp It,  for years before I even started being online.  All those years ago if someone had told me that  my card would be on the cover one day I would not have believed them! 

I've been beyond blessed this last little while!  I hope that I never appear to be boastful or a show off.  I share with you because I know you all really get it.  Most of my friends and family get it too and rejoice with me but I still come across people who don't get it and don't always say the nicest things.  I know that you all get it the most!  I love this hobby.  I love stamping, I love playing with paper, I love creating!  It really helps me to be the best (or just good at lol) at everything else if I have some time for me to paper craft!  

This is the only card I have in this issue!  I submitted I think 7 and one of was picked up.  I want to share that I rejoice in the one card and not think or dwell or be sad in the other 6 that weren't picked up.  If I have 1 card picked up I am happy.  Not every card we make and submit will be picked up.  Doesn't mean that those cards aren't good, it just means it probably didn't fit and someone else's did fit.  If things aren't picked up it doesn't mean we aren't good enough either, don't let that define you! Keep true to yourself, keep on crafting because crafting is the best part!  

I want to say a big thank you to all of you again.  I am so blessed by all of your friendships!  Crafting is so much more fun having friends who have great blogs!  :>

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Digger Card!

Hello!  Hope your having a fabulous day!  I have been working hard all day on my year end teacher gifts!  I can't wait to share them but will wait until I've given them!  :>  I feel like I am in a bit of a whirlwind trying to create so much with a deadline!  Only 2 school days after today for Ariel and than summer fun starts!  I know that Carter is much excited for her to be home with him, he's whined sadly when it's time for her to go to school and asks often to go and get her!  Chad came home for a bit today between appointments and Carter was very disappointed when he did not see Ariel with him!

I also feel like a bundle of nerves with the last round of Gallery Idol voting going on!  If you like my card and would like to see me win please vote, it's on the sidebar up top there!

Today I have a boy baby card to share, my SIL asked me to make one for her:

I knew I wanted to play with my Onsie Twoosie set by Taylored Expressions and wanted to use some pp with it but couldn't find a good baby boy one.  So I decided instead to use this hoarded paper by Authentique!  I love this paper so I hoarded it from September (shame on me!) and thought I better use this!  It's not very baby paper and I was unsure at first but am very happy with how it turned out!  The buttons were added last, I felt it needed something more and am happy that I had buttons that matched!  :>  Happy to say that my SIL really liked this card!  

Well that's it from me!  I am off to enjoy Carter's nap!  Today is the last afternoon of quiet Carter nap time for me to be alone.  Soon Ariel will be home and who knows if he will nap come fall.  :>  Be back soon with teacher gifts!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Round 5 Gallery Idol!

I am absolutely delighted and excited to be here today sharing with you my card for Gallery Idol Round 5!  I still can't believe that I made it to the Top 5!  Thank you so much for your votes and encouragement!  

The challenge this round was to make an interactive card!  I love interactive cards, they are so fun to make and the recipient always loves them!  I thought and thought and came up with my idea and actually my card is not only interactive in one way but in two!  First I came up with the idea to make it a scratch off card.  And once I came up with that idea I than thought to make it a confetti shaker too!  Here is the card when scratched:

And here is a photo before and a few others:

The scratch off was so fun to make!  I  made the confetti with a 3 whole punch again!  For the shaker I sewed a thin acetate onto the kraft card, I actually cut a clear envelope and used that!  I sewed three sides and than added the confetti right before sewing it shut, I was worried I would sew confetti!  For the die cut I stamped the ice cream cone coloring it with markers first and than colored it in with pencils.  Stamped the sentiment over top and than made it a scratch off!  For the scratch off I used 2 parts paint and 1 part dishsoap!  I actually made a quick video sharing how I did it!

Please ignore my scratchy voice the only good time to video is when the kids are in bed!  And I've been having vocal problems again especially at night!

Scratch Off Tutorial from Anita Recksiedler on Vimeo.

 I hope that my video has inspired you to try out the scratch off technique!  :>  I also hope that my card has earned your vote ans that you take the time to vote for me!  Thank you!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Top 5!

Well I am here with beyond exciting and happy news:

I made it to the Top 5 of Paper Crafts Gallery Idol!  :> ACK Someone pinch me because I can't believe it!  I was so nervous last night!  And this morning Chad was amazing and checked for me, I am so thankful for that!  I feel so blessed to be here.  A year ago I remember voting for Gallery Idol and seriously thinking to myself how talented everyone was, amazed by what they came up with and never thought I would be there!  Even this year when I entered I forgot the date they were announcing the Top 20 (well I wasn't going to be one.....) and than there I was!  And now to be Top 5!  WOW OH WOW!  As you can tell I am excited!  I love the challenge that is ahead of me, I am working on my card and can't wait to finish it.  I was supposed to go the lake for a girls day with friends tomorrow but have decided to stay home.  Not only because I need to work on my card, but because so much going on and it's best for my family.  

I hope to be back this weekend with more crafty projects but I have to finish my Idol card and some other projects first!  I've been creating A LOT lately, just wait till you see my teacher gifts!  :> 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Cakes

Hello!  Hope your having a super day!  :>  Today is the first day of summer and summer is my favorite season so I am quite happy, now if only the weather was actually summery and hot and nice instead of dreary, cool and rainy!

I wanted to mention a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for there kind comments (and hopefully votes) over my Gallery Idol card Spoon Flower!  I have been floored by all the emails, comments and people I know coming up to me at church and here and there congratulating me!  It's so cool how even people who aren't crafty are getting all into this and are excited for me!  Such a blessing!  I feel that everyone's support has made for me this time to be so much less stressful!  :>  If you haven't voted yet please do:

Today I have a card I made for the Gel a Tins blog that was there on Monday.  You can see the post here.  Here is the card:

I love this sweet cakes stamp set!  I paired it with some pretty polka dot paper and paper pieced the frosting!  :>  I colored the hem tape with my ink pad and I think this is the first time I ever have put the sentiment on a tag tied to the ribbon.....  :>

Only 7 days of school left for Ariel!  We are so excited for summer to start!  Although she is having so much fun at school.  At the beginning of June the grade 1's could bring there bike to school for a week and ride it during recess, she loved that!  They had a field trip last Friday, yesterday was there Charlotte's web party and today is bike rodeo!  And Friday they have field day!  So lots of fun these last few weeks!  :>  

Well I am off to take Carter for a power walk before it rains!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Round 4 Gallery Idol!

Hello!  Hope your Monday has had a great start!  I am here with Round 4 of Paper Crafts Gallery Idol!  I am beyond thrilled and blessed to be one of the Top 10! 

 This time the challenge was to use a household item on your card!  What a challenge!  I thought and thought and thought and decided to use Plastic Spoons!

I broke the handles off of the spoons and glued them to a die cut circle.  Paint is a big trend right now with paper crafting and I was happy to finally use it!  LOL  I painted the spoons a hot pink!  I added a My Mind's Eye Indie Chic decorative sticker in the middle to make it a flower!  I than stamped the sentiment from Hero Arts Studio Calico set "My Happy" on some coordinating pp.  I added a cabochon flower in the middle!  I also used the coordinating paper from the Indie Chic line for the card, love this pattern! Adhered it to a kraft card!  Pink, orange and brown are  my all time favorite color combination!  

It was really fun to use a household item on my card!  I think the spoons look like a petal of a flower!  My goal was to still make a pretty card with a household item and I think I achieved it! 

I hope that you like my card and really hope that you vote for me!  It would be a dream come true to make it to the Top 5!!!!

Supplies used:

Bazill Cardstock
My Happy Set by Hero Arts
My Mind's Eye Indie Chic collection
Folk Art Magenta Acrylic Paint
Tombow Glue
Recollections resin flowers
Plastic spoons

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Past Times Father's Day Card and Recital Photos!

Hello!  Hope your having a fun weekend!  I am here with a sort of long post but it's worth it!  :>  First off I am beyond delighted to share that I made the Top 10 for Paper Crafts Gallery Idol!  And Chad was a sweet hubby once again that he woke up early to check for me!  He even woke up in the middle of the night to check just in case it was up already!

The challenge now is to make a card with a household item!  Yikes!  Working on my card tonight!  :>  Hope it turns out the way I in vision it! Be back Monday with it!

Today I have a Father's Day card to share that I made using one of this month's Hero Arts challenge sketches!  :>

I used the indie chic papers again!  And used the past times set again using the old fashioned bicycle image!  Ariel asked me What's that?  A big wheel?  I told her to look again!  :>  Used a maya road tag I think this is my first ever card with a tag on it!  :>

Today we had Ariel's dance recital!  Chad and I both volunteered backstage.  Ariel's class was big so I figured I could use the extra hand!  It's fun to be backstage with the kids!  Ariel had two numbers because she takes two classes and a friend from school takes them with her so I have photos of them together. One is hip hop and the other is ballet/tap/jazz.  Ariel much prefers the hip hop!  Although next year it looks like Ariel wants to try something different, gymnastics!  :>  She can always go back to dance if she wants to!  Here are a bunch of photos:

What a fun but tiring afternoon!  :>  Ariel did so well with her dances and I loved my view from backstage (more like side stage!)  :>  And I am off to work on my challenge card and put my two to bed!  Happy Father's Day!  :>

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Indie Chic Tulips

Hello!  Happy Thursday! It's a sunny day here although the forecast is calling for rain once again!  Just came home from a power walk.  I've been taking Carter on long power walks, he throws his toy football and chases it!  And by the lake in the shade and privacy of trees I do some yoga and pilates.  During the day not many people around and I can work out without having Carter climb on me like he does at home!  :> :>  I have been enjoying a more relaxed schedule during the day lately with play groups being done!  Although a lot of things in the evenings!  :>

I wanted to share some exciting news, I am very excited to be part of the first design team for Scrapbooking Cafe Online.  Scrapbooking Cafe Online is a Canadian (like me!) online store with great prices, there motto is Making Crafting Affordable!  :>  They have a blog where I will be sharing on Thursdays you can see it here.

Today I have a card to share using more of the Indie Chic line, I can't help it!  :> 

I embossed the newspaper tulips by Hero Arts in white on the paper, used a bunch of papers for this and tied some bright yellow twine by the twinery, LOVE there twine!

Well I am off I have to go and work on my Father's Day gift!  If it works out I will share it soon!  :> Have a super day hope it's sunny where you are! :>

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Chad!

Hello!  Today is my husband Chad's birthday!  :>  We have had a great day!  He went for lunch with a good friend and tonight we had a great family night!  We went out with the kids for dinner, than hit the park!  :>  Baths and now bed!

I have a card to share today that I made for him.  I could have gone into my stash but I like the idea of making a card just for him!  I used what was on my table already so more Indie Chic by My Mind's Eye and Past times stamp set by Hero Arts:

This card has been picked up for publication!

My great friend Jenn recently sent me home with her whole stash (box) of PTI dies!  Am I not lucky?  She's busy and doesn't have much time for crafting right now plus I think she wanted to help me with Gallery Idol!  :>  This Mat Stack die is hers and I really enjoy it's shape!  I embossed the old truck from the Past Times set in chestnut on it  Pulled out the buttons, it's been a bit since I have and I wonder why!  :> BTW Don't you love it when it's super bright but not bright sun outside and you can get a great card picture without having to edit it?  :>

I entered this card into the masculine challenge!

Wanted to send a shout out to my dear hubby.  Happy Birthday Chad!  Thank you for seeking him first in all you do and working always on your relationship with God.  Thank you for being a loving and great dad.  Thank you for working your hardest to support our family.  I love your strong character. Your a great friend to have and I love that you have great guy friends.  I love our relationship how we are always honest with each other.  I always know that I am loved and treasured by you.  I pray that this year is a truly exceptional year in all areas of your life.  I look forward to spending this year making memories with you!  :>  Love you forever and ever!  :>

Here's a photo of the four of us at the restaurant:

Tonight after bath Chad wanted to brush Carter's hair, of course Carter sat perfectly still while he brushed it (doesn't for me!)  I had to share this photo as it makes me laugh I asked Carter to smile with teeth:

He's so cute!  :>  And in case you haven't already and like my project please go and vote for me for Gallery Idol!  I so want to make the Top 10!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Round 3 Gallery Idol!

Hello!  Hope your having a terrific day!  :>  I am so excited to be here with my entry for Gallery Idol Round 3!  

The challenge was to make a Feminine and Masculine card with the same product!  I decided to use the new Indie Chic Collection by My Mind's Eye, my LSS just got it in and I love it!  Here are my cards:

I love how the papers work so well for both a feminine and masculine card! I absolutely love the blues, browns and the pop of yellow! I used my favorite technique heat embossing for both! For both cards I used paper strips but with different designs and really like how it turned out!

Your So Special Indie Chic Feminine Card:

I heat embossed the flower trio in white and painted them in with inks!  It's my favorite way to color, it can be as fast as you want it to be or you can take your time and play with it!  You already may know how to do this but in case you don't here is a photo (in the photo the flowers are in brown so you can see better)

I inked up a clear block with some die ink and sprayed the other corner with water/perfect pearl mix and using a small paint brush (because the flowers are smaller) I painted the flowers in!  Easy peasy!  I really like to use water that's mixed with perfect pearls as I find it blends better and has a sheen to it but you can just use water.  For this card I not only used paper strips but I did a two strips of lace!  :>  

Father Indie Chic Masculine Card

I also heat embossed but with chestnut powder onto the pattern paper the train.  I love how heat embossed images just pop on patterned paper! For the sentiment I wanted to just use the word Father actually cut up a clear sentiment "Happy Father's Day".  I can put it together still on a clear block to use the whole sentiment together in one line, or I can just use the Father like I did here, or I even can break up the sentiment on two lines!  The bright yellow twine I think adds a pop to the card!  For the paper strips when I glued them on to help me glue it straight I used my paper trimmer to help me line it up:

I hope I've explained both cards well let me know if you have any questions!


Your so special feminine card:

Stamps:  All Hero Arts: Pattern Hearts and Flowers, Year Round Sentiments
PP:  Indie Chic (Nutmeg) Collection by My Mind's Eye
Cardstock:  Bazzill Kraft
Ink:  Versamark, Stream Adirondack, Tumbled Glass by Ranger, Dandelion by Memento, Chocolate Chip by Stampin Up
White embossing powder by Hero Arts
Water and Perfect Pearls mist
Mat Stack die by Papertret Ink
Lace by Hero Arts
Pearls by Recollections
Scrapbook Adhesives:  foam dimensionals

Father Indie Chic Masculine card

Stamps:  All Hero Arts:  Past Times, Celebrate Everyday
PP:  Indie Chic (Nutmeg) collection by My Mind's Eye
Cardstock:  Bazzill Kraft
Twine by the Twinery
Die by Papertrey Ink
Ink:  Chocolate Chip by Stampin Up, Versamark
Chestnut Zing Embossing Powder by American Crafts
Scrapbook Adhesives:  foam dimensionals

I hope that you like my cards and I really hope that you vote for me!  :>  I would love to make to to the next round be one of the top 10!  :>  


Thank you for visiting today!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Newspaper Butterfly

Hello!  Hope your having a terrific Saturday!  It's been a bit of a day of running around with the kids but now I finally finding myself with some time to sit down and craft a bit and it's a good thing because I made it to the Top 15 for Gallery Idol!

Wow I am so happy and excited! So happy to still be part of it!  And beyond thankful for everyone who took the time to vote for me!  ;>    I am very excited for the next round and slightly nervous too!  :>  Chad is so supportive he woke up early and checked the PC blog and came back to bed and told me that I made it!  :>  Love him!  He didn't even blink when I told him I would need to go shopping at my LSS!  Even when I told him I had to go back!  :>

On Thursday a friend and neighbor (well a few streets over) emailed me that she had had surgery on her knee!  We chatted on the phone later for a while and is doing great but still has a road of recovery! She is a stay at home mom too, to a little boy Carter's age!  I wanted to  make her a card letting her know that I was thinking of her:

I used a new stamp Newspaper Butterfly by Hero Arts and couldn't help pair it up with the newspaper background!  I glued the center down flat onto the card but the wings I doubled up on the foam adhesive, for the sentiment panel I put only one foam adhesive on it.  I also whipped up some puffed wheat cake because her son loves it and he is a picky eater, I made it once when we went to her place for a swim and she was so happy he liked it!  :>  

Tied it up some cello, a ribbon and another butterfly!  When I went to drop it off she wasn't home so I left it on her porch!  She called later and thanked me, turns out puffed wheat cake is there favorite!  By the way apparently puffed wheat cake is a Canadian dessert!  Thought I would share my recipe:

Puffed Wheat Cake

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup salted butter (or margarine)
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 tsp vanilla
9 cups puffed wheat

 Bring to a boil (on med heat) for 1 minute brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and cocoa.  Let boil for 1 minute.  (I usually melt on low and than turn to med to boil) Take off element and add vanilla.  Add puffed wheat and mix until all is coated.  Press into buttered 9 by 12 dish (or smaller if you like)  Cool in fridge till it sets!

Last night on our way to soccer I asked the kids to go in the car while I gathered up what we needed!  All of a sudden I heard shrieks coming from the garage!  I open the door and found Carter hanging off the open garage door!  Ran and got him off!  Of course it would have made a terrific photo but not taking the chance!  I guess what happened is that they were fooling around and Carter just grabbed the door and it kept going and he was too scared to get down.  He was scared and shaking for a while afterwards and I hope he learned his lesson!  We did have a talk about it though!  Wow the adventures of boys...

Well I am off to feed the kids and chase  take them for a walk outside!  :>

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get Well and Piano Recital!

Ariel's Piano Recital 2012, originally uploaded by AnitaRex.

Hello I hope your having a terrific day!  Up above is Ariel at her piano recital last night!  She is playing I am a Little Tea Pot and did so well!  It was a very hot day yesterday and the church didn't have air conditioning so playing that well in the heat is impressive!  I am so proud of her!  Her piano teacher was so happy with her, and said she is impressed by how hard of a worker Ariel is!  As I've mentioned before Ariel's teacher also said she is a hard worker, it's awesome to hear that from 2 teachers!  :>

Today I have a card to share that I made for the neighbor.  I heard that she was in the hospital and she is a mom to a young little boy too.  I wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her!  I used some W plus 9 studio stamps, Hope Seed Co not only because I wanted to play with this new set but because it's the only set I have with a Get Well Sentiment!  :>

This card has been picked up for publication!

Well Gallery Idol voting for the top 15 has ended today and tomorrow I find out if I made the Top 15 or not.  I am nervous and jittery about it but I am also the mom to two busy kids and well that helps!  :>  I feel that I did my best and that's all you can really do right?  

Oh I have a few cute stories of the kids to share:

Yesterday Carter and I were baking sitting in the grass and he get's all excited and says "Mommy I saw a bunny over there!"  He did?  How did I miss it?  Than he says "His name is John!"  What a name for a bunny right?  He said it so matter of fact too!

Before bed I always find Ariel telling me all sorts of stuff, like "Tomorrow morning Ella and I are going to race! People cheer for you!"  Me- "Oh really who?"  Ariel- "Oh you know and lists off a few girls names and Reid and Jacob"  Than we ask her who is the 5 kids you said you want in your class next year? (the school asks each kid this)  Ariel "Katya, Ella, Paige and Reid and Jacob"  Both boys have said they want to marry her!  :>  I don't think she has decided yet!

And one last one, on Friday was soccer pictures and I was wetting Carter's hair and was going to add some gel.  Me- I am going to make your hair curly!  Carter trying to run away- No I want to be Carter!  He gets away and starts drying in on a towel!  LOL  :>And here's his photo, he looks so cute!

And that's it for me! See you soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gallery Idol Round Two! Confetti Rainbow!

Hello!  I am so excited to be here today with my card for Paper Crafts Gallery Idol round Two!  I am still in awe to be part of this competition!  The challenge was Color Your World!  Right away as a mom to young kids a Rainbow came to mind!  I thought and thought and thought and the idea of using confetti came to me!  I've seen and read that confetti is a huge trend right now and thought it would be so fun to use that for my card! I thought it would be something different too! And that is how I came up with my card!  

I used a school supply, a three whole punch to make my confetti!  I simply punched over and over Bazzill cardstock and made piles!  Than I made a small pool of glue from my Tombow glue and used a q-tip to add the glue to the back of each confetti! I stamped the sentiment from Papertrey Ink first, I love this sentiment I really think it pairs well with a rainbow!  I than worked from the purple and up placing the confetti where I thought it should go first than gluing them each down!  Added three rhinestones  and adhered to the white card with dimensional adhesive!

Supplies used:  

Cardstock:  Bazzill
Stamps:  Papertrey Ink Fillable Frames 3
Ink:  Black by Stampin UP
Rhinestons:  Hero Arts
Adhesive:  tombow, scrapbook adhesives (dimensional)  

I really hope that you like my card!  I really loved and enjoyed making it!!!!!  I would love it if you voted for me!

Please click the box to vote!

I truly think each and every of the 20 cards are amazing!  I am so honored to be part of this with such talented ladies!   This weekend I've been a bit stressed and nervous but I told myself all that I can do is try my best and I think I have.  I hope that you love my card as much as I do and take the time to cast your vote for me!  I would simply love it to make it to the Top 15!

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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