Monday, June 28, 2010

thank you teacher set of cards

Hi all!  Hope your week has started off great!  Today I have another teacher card set I made for another one of Ariel's preschool teachers.  This is the first one I started and the last one I finished!  I love it but it took forever to make.  I finished the third one tonight so I will have to share that next.  Ariel's teacher told me that she would love thank you cards since she uses them all the time so I made her all thank you's.

I stamped the background with horizontal lines by Hero Arts with white ink, and embossed in white the silhouette spray also by HA.  The ric rac is felt!  I really like this color of blue!  Here is how I "wrapped" it up:

I used a PTI box that the stamps come in and wrapped it with more of the felt ric rac, and made a tag reversing the colors.   I am entering this card for the current challenge at Caardvarks since I did emboss, I really wanted to play this month so I am happy that I did!

I have a funny story to share.  My MIL watched our kids for us last Tuesday night and Chad and I went on a date to see A Team (great movie and yes I watched the show in reruns!) Ariel has taken to carrying a purse with her wherever she goes, and often funnily enough asks me where it is while it's on her arm!  So she had the purse with her at my inlaws and my MIL asked her what was in it and Ariel said "Oh just a little bit of Crap!"  I only found this out last night when my SIL were asking Ariel so they could hear her say crap.  I knew right away the mistake that was made since I know what is in the purse.  What she actually said was "Oh just a little bit of crafts!"  Ariel's purse is full of stickers and papers and crayons, her crafty stuff!  She actually often crafts in the car, when we pull over she hands me a card!  My daughter does not say crap!  So funny though!  And Ariel even takes the purse when we go for walks and it's in the basket of the stroller while she rides her bike, she wants her crafts with her at all times!

Oh and I just saw that Jennifer McGuire is asking for cards for Gracie and fast, please check it out here let's do something great for this girl!  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dandelion Set of Cards

Happy Weekend!  I hope that you are all having a great last weekend of June!  After a few days of being sick I finally feel all better today!  Yay!  I have been busy making card sets for Ariel's preschool teachers, she has 3!  School ends here in Canada at the end of June and starts back up a little in September, after the long weekend.  Here is the first set I made:
First I stamped in gray Friends Definition background stamp by Hero Arts.  Than I stamped with versamark, colored with markers misted with water and clear embossed the dandelion.  I did it in all sorts of different colors, it was a lot of fun!  I stamped with various Hero Arts sentiments that I have!  Simple but cute. 

Friday was Ariel's preschool graduation!  It was so cute.  Here are some photo's:

When all the kids walked in Ariel started to cry.  Here she is with her favorite teacher comforting her.  She tends to be a bit shy at school or in a new situation.  I don't think she liked sitting in front of everyone in the front row.  It totally broke my heart.  I was bad and told her I would buy her a toy if she didn't cry anymore and it worked!  Next time I will say something crafty as she JUST LOVES that and it would have been cheaper!

The graduates about to sing O Canada!

I can't believe she is wearing that hat!

I love this photo!

Ariel and her friend Jayda, they are so cute together!

I always like to take a family photo whenever I can!
Ariel and her friend Reid. They have been friends since they were babies!  They are only 2 and a half weeks apart!

I cannot believe that Ariel has graduated preschool and that she is going to kindergarten in the fall!  How did she grow up so fast?  I know as mothers we all go through this when they go to school but it's just so hard!  I cry whenever I think about it!  I love her so much and she is so wonderful to have around.  She truly is a joy and makes being a stay at home mom so easy! I love having her company and taking her places and giving her the best childhood that I can.  I am so happy with this school we are sending her to that she will learn about God everyday.  Because Ariel is born in November she will go to school at 4 turning 5.  I do have the option of keeping her home with me for another year but I can see that she is more than ready and she is so tall.  I worry though that she is more shy at school and doesn't always speak up in class. She isn't like that at home but sometimes in new situations.  One of her teachers who I know from when I was younger told me she is just like me in her mannerisms, and even that she is a bit flighty as in when they are doing crafts she will be all lalala not doing the craft in her own world and they have to say Ariel are you doing your craft?  Her teacher also shared with me that her goal was to have Ariel lift her hand during a discussion on her own, she would often say who is going to put there hand up?  Is Ariel going to put her hand up, than Ariel would but not very high!  Last week on her way to preschool I encouraged Ariel to put her hand up with no one asking her and she did a lot!  I am so happy that I have been home with Ariel all this time, because sending her to school sucks!  A lot of people say to me that I still have Carter at home and yes that is true but it's still really hard.  And some people tell me to have another baby.  She isn't replaceable!  I am so not looking forward to the fall!

Well thanks for reading that!  I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

fun girly end of school cards

Hi!  I hope that you are doing better than me as I am currently sick!  I have a cold which is never fun!  I do have a set of cards to share today that I had to finish for tomorrow.  My mother in law asked me to make some cards for her to give to my nieces to celebrate the end of school.  The school that they go to has all kids learning bible verses which at the end of the year they recite, these cards are also to celebrate that!  Here is the set:

I wanted to make them fun girly summery cards.  I knew that they would love the dolls by Hero Arts so I picked the one that I thought suited each of them and colored them to look like them!  I made them girly by stamping the clouds background by HA in different shades of pink and purple!  I like how it turned out but it's very different, at first I wasn't sure and considered redoing it in blue!  I also lined a few of the clouds with stickles to make it glittery!  I think my nieces will love these cards!  I can't wait to hear about it!

Only a few more days left of school, tomorrow is Ariel's graduation from preschool!  Let's hope I can keep the tears in!  It has been raining here way too much but we have had a few nice days, but sadly the weekend is looking like rain!

Friday, June 18, 2010

the last of the Father's Day cards

Hello!  Happy Friday!  The weekend is here!  And a wonderful weekend too, one celebrating our dad's!  I have a few more Father's Day cards that I made to share with you! Here is my first:

he can fix it!, originally uploaded by AnitaRex.

I made this one pretty quick focusing on some pp I had left over from last Father's day, I liked it so much that I bought a few sheets!  I love the screw brads!

For this card I clear embossed the Horizontal Lines stamp by Hero Arts on top and than stamped the bbq  three times coloring them in but on the last one pop dotting it and putting glossy accents to make it shine line a new bbq!  I love the smoke coming out!

For this card I used two new stamps.  The clouds background stamp is one I have been wanting for ages and I got it with my May win at Hero Arts!  And the airplane is from PTI.  To make the Happy Father's Day banner I just curved the sentiment on a clear block the way I wanted it and "mounted" it with another clear block by pushing it on.  I love how you can do that with clear stamps!  I also pop dotted some clouds with foam squares!

This week has been a fun week.  It was quite hot at the start of the week and we enjoyed being outside!  Chad is playing baseball and we all went to a game to watch him, the kids loved it.  He was supposed to have a few more games this week but it has been raining!  Just pouring! As I took the kids out today to meet up with friends at a bookstore I wondered what possessed me to go out in such weather!  We went to a bookstore where kids can play in a kids area, Carter was quite busy.  He kept going to different containers of balls for sale and throwing them.  He was good about afterward picking them all up.  I apologized to the younger worker who than told me that she thought he was actually amusing!  Oh well gotta love Carter!  Yesterday when I took my kids to the play area in the mall Carter was having so much fun that he came and gave me a hug which I think was his way of saying thank you!  He than jumped up and down in the same spot for what felt like minutes!  Oh one more, Carter is such a blondie that I really want him wearing a hat outside which is a fight.  But what I have been doing is that before I take him out of the car at the park (I often drive it's a long walk) I ask him if he wants to go outside, he nods his head, than I ask him if he wants to wear his hat he shakes his head no (he can say Yeah or yes but still prefers to nod or shake his head, he can't say no yet I haven't taught him!) I tell him he has to wear his hat, he still shakes his head no, I than say oh well your not coming to the park and close the door of the car, well than he starts nodding his head!  And when were at the park and I see him take his hat off I say "I guess it's time to go home" people always laugh as he quickly picks up his hat and puts it back on! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating your Father's and/or husbands!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Chad!

Hello!  Hope that you are all enjoying June!  The past few days have been a bit busy!  Last Wednesday I had a few friends with their kids come over.  I cleaned up my whole house and even my dining table where I craft.  I have a long plastic drawer shelf in the corner where I store most of my craft stuff.  It only took me 15 minutes to clean up my dining table which is nice, and makes it no excuse for how I sometimes let it get away on me!  A few minutes after my friends arrive Carter goes to the dining room which is fine, but than seriously only seconds later we hear a big noise and crash and Carter crying!  I guess he tried to open a drawer but it requires more of a tug and the whole thing fell!  His foot was stuck underneath!  He cried and we cuddled but he didn't cry long!  Carter loves to play with my craft supplies, today it took me 10 minutes to find my stamp!

On Thursday I went with Ariel and her preschool class on a field trip to the farm.  It was so much fun the kids had a blast petting lots of animals and learning!  But wow does a farm field trip wear you out!  I was as tired and worn out as I was with a newborn baby!  The weekend was crazy I shopped (went a little crazy and bought Ariel 4 new summer dresses, but they were on sale!)hung out with some friends, went to a volunteer brunch, kids birthday party that involved swimming (fun but does a pool ever zap your energy!) went to a kids festival with Ariel and ended sunday with dinner at Olive Garden!

The best part of the weekend was that on saturday it was my husband Chad's birthday!  Here is the card I made him (yes there is a card in this post!):

I did something simple (I was lucky to find time!) I am pleased with the layout of this card it came to me as I was driving and thinking of how I am tired of making manly cards!  (I still have a few Father's Day cards to share!) I thought of making him a girly card.  I may have made a girly birthday card for him.  Than I realized I better make him a good cards since he pretty much pays for all my supplies!  All Hero Arts on this card!

With it having been Chad's birthday I thought I would do a "shout out" to him!  I love you so much Chad!  Thank you for being my husband, thank you for being a wonderful husband.  Thank you for being so laid back to well my "energetic" personality.  Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our kids.  I love that you are so into them like me.  That we often say to each other let's go see them sleeping and go and look at them or even cuddle them while they sleep!  Thank you for working so hard to support our family that I can stay at home with our children.  And thank you for passing such great genes onto our children because well they are gorgeous!  I am blessed to be your wife, I love you! 

I know I share photos often but I took some good ones this weekend, although sadly not at the farm since the memory thingy was attached to the computer from me well loading cards!  Opps!  Anyways:

Ariel at the festival, I just love this dress!  Oh and my plan is to make some fabric flowers for this headband.  I just need to actually make them!

Ariel loved all the crafts at the festival!

Dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate Chad's birthday!

Carter and me, I love his face!  (and seriously everyone says he looks like Chad but really he looks like me here!)

Yeah I think maybe Carter really enjoyed his food!

And this was the smile that Carter started to make whenever I took the camera out!

I plan to be back a few more times this week with some cards to share!  I was also thinking of doing a giveaway with some fabric flowers, would anyone be interested?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

wedding satin flower card

Hello!  Lately all over online I have been seeing all sorts of fabric flowers.  I love that many are made without a sewing machine!  I finally made my way to the fabric store and picked up some satin and other fabrics.  I made several satin flowers and my intentions were for hair pins or pins.  Than I noticed the current challenge on Moxie Fab World which is fun with fabric.  And I needed a wedding cards for one of Chad's cousin, they were having a BBQ for him and his wife as they got married in Mexico.  Here is the card:

wedding satin flower card, originally uploaded by AnitaRex.

I can't tell you how happy I am with how this card turned out!  I used silver cardstock that I have had since my wedding almost 8 years ago.  I also stamped the background with silver pigment ink.  I thought that the silver would go well with the pink, plus it's something different.  This flower is quite big but it's also a pin!  I attached the nestie to the card with dimensionals because of the ruffle ribbon, and than rested the pin against the top, this way the flower lays flat.  I used removable glue dots to secure it.  I thought that this sentiment is perfect for a wedding as love and laughter is what makes a great marriage!  The bride loved the pin and wore it after she opened the card!  Actually both her and her husband told me how cool they thought it was that the card came with a pin!

My brother's girlfriend called and asked me to make a bridal shower card for her.  I used another flower too:

This time I attached the flower to the ribbon and wrapped the ribbon around the card and taped it in the back.  This flower has brown tulle layers in it!  Here is a photo of some of the other flowers I made both sides of them:

The rhinestone in the middle is actually a brad that holds the whole flower together! On the back I glued felt and than added either the pin of the hair clip. I covered the clip with ribbon because otherwise the alligator clip wouldn't stay in my hair or Ariel's. (Ignore the white felt it was all I had at first!) Ariel doesn't have bangs so she usually wears clips in her hair to help keep it out of her eyes. I usually hunt around looking for cute clips that will match her clothes. I plan on going back to the fabric store with some of her clothes and get some fabric. Here is Ariel with her pink flower pin:

I also made myself one and plan to make more. I have worn it a few times and the response I get is that it's so me! Quite true. I can't wear necklaces, I feel like I am choking so I like that this is a way to accessorize! I also just got my hair done! This is the way I have been wearing it:

I haven't worn it the way I do in the second picture. When I got my hair done I asked my hairdresser how to wear it and she suggested the way I do in the first picture and with a side ponytail. I like the second way because it takes the hair out of my eyes, I just don't think it's supposed to be worn that way? What do you think?

I have to say what I love about crafting and sharing online is that I have learnt other crafts like this fabric flower that I totally love and is so me. I keep seeing in stores different kinds of fabric flowers and I know how to make them now! It's so cool! I plan on making more pins and hair pins for Ariel and me. And I hope to make more cards with the fabric flowers! Different kinds too!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

green butterflies

Hi!  Happy June!  It's hard to believe that we are 6 months already into 2010!  Time does fly by fast!  I am looking forward to all the fun June has to offer, although June can be a busy month also.  Chad and I will be having our first graduate, but from preschool!  It's still sad though!  We got our computer back Saturday night so I have trying to catch up on all the blogs and such but also trying to keep how clean my house is.  I must have really been bored not being online since I discovered that washing my carpets by hand works better than those machines and started to do so!  

Today's card is one I made a week and a half ago when I went to stamp with my friend Jenn (for those of you who read Dawn McVey's blog it's Jenn from Canada!)  Jenn is a good friend of mine and was also my dula (birth coach) and was at the birth of my two kids!  When Ariel was born that was Jenn's longest labor (hopefully not anymore!)  It's always fun to go stamping at Jenn's house as she has currently 87 PTI stamp sets!  And I think almost all the dies!  I know your all jealous that I get to be friends with her!  :>  So when I was there I made a card for the embellish magazine current challenge   I know I only made one card that night, we did a lot of talking about her trip!  Here is the colors for the challenge:

I love these colors!  I actually have played with them before!  I dug out some pp I had that is perfect for this and created this:

The black strip is felt!  All stamps PTI.  This was my first time using there dies, I had worried that it wouldn't be easy to stamp them once they were cut but it was really easy!  I love these colors and will play with them again!  

I do have something cute about my kids to share.  Ariel has been invading my craft drawers!  She has always loved to craft like crazy and now goes into my stuff and is constantly asking me "Mommy do you use this?"  I had a lot of stickers and more scrapbook stuff that I didn't use so now I have a drawer all clean!  She has really been enjoying herself.  It's cute.  She looks so much like me and loves to craft like me!  I just now have to get her some washable ink pads as it was a little hard to get the blue out of the carpet!

Hope your having a great week!

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